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Freedom of speech?

Is there no freedom of speech on these forums? It just took me quite some time to write a post about living with abuse and it was deleted. 


There was no harsh language involved.


Now I can't post anywhere? This is a test


Re: Freedom of speech?

Hey there @Nycra , Nashy here I am one of the community manager's on the SANE Forums Smiley Happy I am really sorry about your posts being unable to go live, I am looking into this issue now for you - and will send an email to your inbox soon Heart 

Re: Freedom of speech?

Well, I guess it could be just a mistake. There's freedom of speech (of course, if you don't violate state laws). Although, we could just miss changes in terms and conditions. I spent my vacation in Quintana Roo which is in Mexico. Although, highly unlikely something was changed.

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