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Making age more noticeable

@Lauz @nashy  @s-jay 

Is it possible to make the age for here more visible? Theres been 2 members in 2 days who have been under 18. Myself and another member have pointed them in the direction  of reachout but ive noticed  its not obvious here is for 18+ 

Just a suggestion anyway maybe it could be in the very main description so its more visible. 


Re: Making age more noticeable

Thanks for mentioning this @outlander  - I noticed this when I was away and didn't do anything and forgot about it - 


It's true that young people need help but this isn't an apporpriate place and there are other places and forums





Re: Making age more noticeable

Hey @outlander thank you for flagging this,  I believe @s-jay  has posted about this before. However we will take this to team meeting and get back to you. We definitely hear you, but need to discuss and review as a team. Thanks heaps.

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