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New feature: content mentions

Hi all!


The forums software we use has recently built a new feature where we can @ mention a thread like we can a person.... 


How it works is that if you press @ and start typing the subject/title of a thread you'll get a drop down and you can select the thread you want to link to and an automatic link will be dropped in... Does that make sense?


We think it will be much easier to link to other threads and are thinking of enabling it tomorrow, let us know your thoughts...


We are thinking to enable it tomorrow and think its a good idea....


Re: New feature: content mentions

@s-jay this is a fantastic idea esp for those who use there phones as well. i cant link on my phone so i hope with this new feature itll be easier to do

Re: New feature: content mentions

I don’t get it @s-jay 

Re: New feature: content mentions

Hey @BlueBay !


This will be easier to demonstrate when it's live so don't worry if it doesn't make that much sense just yet however - to clarify a bit further I'll give an example:

Say a new member posts, sometimes when someone replies to welcome them they may like to direct them to some of the social threads to get involved in too. To do this, you will be able to use the @ symbol and instead of typing someones name to tag, you can start typing 'good morning' and the good morning thread will come up like a name tag would. That way that thread is then 'tagged' into the welcome post you were doing and the new member can click that tag and will be brought straight into the good morning thread!



Re: New feature: content mentions

Ok think I get it now 

thanks @Lauz 😊

Re: New feature: content mentions

Great idea Team Sane! @s-jay and @Lauz 

It'll be easier for newbies to just press the link to take them straight to that thread instead of trying to navigate the forum.

I also think it could be nice to mention an interesting or lovely post on another thread for others to peruse. I mean, there's so many to choose from yeah? Smiley HappyHeart

Have a great day!

Re: New feature: content mentions

Great feature! Especially for technophobes like me who aren't that tech savvy.

Re: New feature: content mentions

Hey all!!


It's live! Press @ and then the options like this will pop up:Screen Shot 2019-06-27 at 1.56.30 pm.png


Let u know if you have any Qs

Re: New feature: content mentions

Hello @s-jay @Lauz 

Since this update, the camera "pictures upload" option is not showing on the mobile app. Not sure if anyone else has noticed/is having same problem.


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