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Notification troubles

Hi @Lauz @s-jay 


When i log on im having trouble with notifications. When i click on the little bell it keeps coming up "you have no new notifications try making some new posts" 

To see the threads im regularly on i have to keep looking them up 


Re: Notification troubles

Just about to post with the same issue @outlander.

Also notifications via the bell icon are very laggy. It was only the notifications through the bell icon until this morning but I've now noticed at least one email notification (for a tag) hasn't come through too. No biggie but wanted to mention it.

@Lauz, @s-jay, @nashy

Re: Notification troubles

Hi @CheerBear @outlander 


Thanks for reporting this - yes I can see the same issue with the online notifications showing that line of you have no new notifications. The lag in email could be linked to this issue as well. I have flagged for our IT team who will look into it and hopefully be able to sort! 


I will keep you posted. If you notice others around the forums commenting or feeling concerned, feel free to highlight this thread to assure them we are checking it out 👍

Re: Notification troubles

thank you @Lauz
hopefully its sorted soon

Re: Notification troubles

yep and the email notifications ive noticed too @CheerBear some are lagging or arent coming through

Re: Notification troubles

Hi all & especially @outlander  & @CheerBear - thanks for fflagging this.


We received word from our platform provider that this is a wide spread issue for all communities on this platform through the Asia Pacific region.


The developers are aware, investigating and working on it. We will keep you updated.

Thanks for your patience!


Community Notification Feed not showing any content

New incident: InvestigatingWe are aware of an issue with the Notification Feed feature where it is no longer showing any entries for users on Lithium communities in our AMER & APAC Datacenter. We are currently investigating this issue and we will provide updates as they become available.

Re: Notification troubles

hey @Lauz @s-jay @outlander

I am having this exact same issue too. Glad to see I'm not just the only one though lol

Re: Notification troubles

Thank you @s-jay hopefully they can resolve it soon.

Re: Notification troubles

Hi @Lauz, @s-jay and all.

I think the issue has been resolved now (it looks that way for me and has since last night). Emails are coming through and the notification feed looks like it is working again 👍

Thanks heaps for the updates yesterday 🙂

Re: Notification troubles

Yes @CheerBear! The platform announced that they had fixed the incident so all should be smooth with notifications again. 

I got your notification to me - so it seems to be back to normal wooo!
FYI @outlander @Hamsolo01 

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