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Thank you Community Guides!

Hi everyone! 


As applications to the next Community Guide Program are being finalised, myself, @nashy and @s-jay thought it would be great to take the time to celebrate our current Community Guides! @Queenie @Sans911 @CheerBear @Faith-and-Hope @Shaz51 @Kurra @soul @PeppiPatty 🎉


Community Guides help to encourage, support and role model the forums principles and culture. You may have seen them around over time welcoming new members or jumping into threads that are a bit quieter or helping point people in the right direction of supports or threads! The forums are a peer to peer environment and while we as Community Managers absolutely love our role in the community, it is extra special and helpful to have Community Guides around helping to take care of this special space as it continues to grow and thrive. So a really big thank you!




So I invite everyone to bring along the things we need to get this party going - I've got a cake but we could probably use plenty more, some Lets throw our guides a fabulous soiree!




Re: Thank you Community Guides!

Woooohhhhooo thank you incredible human beings! Echoing x1000 @Lauz  sentiment here Smiley Happy Heart 



Re: Thank you Community Guides!

I want to thank @Lauz 

and SANE for the opportunity to become a Community Guide. I'm aware I have not lived up to my roles and responsibilities as a CG for some time now, but I did feel in the beginning that I was doing good things and I enjoyed the role I had.


Welcome to the new Community Guides that are upcoming and I wish you all the best in your new role.

Re: Thank you Community Guides!

Hi everyone 👋💕


Thank you @Lauz @nashy ....


Just on the run at the moment, but wanted to stop

in and say to @Sans911 , that even as Community Guides, we are only here in the capacity that we can be according to our personal circumstances and our mental health standing in the moment, and it’s those things that must come first.  All of us at times are less available than others, and that’s okay.  As a personal observation, I believe you are a wonderful CG who is available to other on-forum even when you’re not feeling great .... just a tag away, and you still respond with compassion, helpful advice and warmth.


Gotta dash.  Back later after class.

Re: Thank you Community Guides!

Hi @Sans911 

You definitely have offered an amazing wealth of support and comfort to the community throughout your time as a Guide! Please do not be hard on yourself as you have not fallen short of any expectations. There is an eb and flow to most things we engage with 😊 Yes it will be exciting to announce the new Guides - which we will do on Monday next week! 


However this week is about you, our current fabulous guides!



Re: Thank you Community Guides!

All of you have helped me @Queenie @Sans911 @CheerBear @Faith-and-Hope @Shaz51 @Kurra @soul @PeppiPatty thank you!

Watercolour Wishes for flower delivery Australia wide

Re: Thank you Community Guides!









I'm pretty hungry right now so I thought I'd bring some food to get the party started

Re: Thank you Community Guides!


thank you beautiful people Heart 

Re: Thank you Community Guides!


To all current community guides   @Queenie @Sans911 @CheerBear @Faith-and-Hope @Shaz51 @Kurra @soul @PeppiPatty   You do a great job!


Image result for chocolate hazelnut ganache tart


Enjoy your party!!  It's well deserved.

Re: Thank you Community Guides!



Thank you lovely other-ones Commubity Guides ..... 🌸💕

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