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Looking after ourselves

Re: Decluttering and home maintenance

Decluttered Ms S s clothes - one big suitcase of clothes in great condition going to my cousins who need them yay 


Re: Decluttering and home maintenance

Went through a bit of one of Younger Daughter's "Aah, I don't know what to do with all this" baskets today. The ones where she's given up on "proper" room cleaning, dumped everything in the nearest box/basket and put it in the other bedroom... the one Hubby and I want to move into, grr.

Found a few things that should go in the wash, a few kitchen items, a lot of defunct papers, some outright rubbish, enough coloured pencils to last for quite a while, and a bunch of craft goods and toys that I'll need to make "keep or pass on" decisions about.

Am thinking I'll commandeer the pencils. I bought myself one of those "grown ups" colouing books recently, but haven't started it yet. Smiley Happy

Re: Decluttering and home maintenance

Finally tackled the personal study desk stationery storage issue and got some lovely white metal drawers for my desk - all my favourite stationery and papers inside them and my favourite magnets on the outside :-) ... now my desk is super tidy and my pens and note paper are accessible and enjoyable ... 

Re: Decluttering and home maintenance

@Smc @Sophie1 🙌🙌

Tiny steps for me last week, bought some more suspension files and rejigged some paperwork. Got rid of a few more papers and gave away a gift I had brought for mum that she did not want.

Re: Decluttering and home maintenance

@Darcy  Paperwork is the least fun and most arduous to sort - well done !! We have currently misplaced the keys to our locked filing cabinet eeeek ... I’m sure they r in a very safe place sigh ... not sure if I can break into or need a locksmith or just you tube lol ... will google it like everything else yay 

Re: Decluttering and home maintenance

Safe places = yikes @Sophie1 


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