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Looking after ourselves

Re: Focussing on the positives-

He is missing mil more and more as time goes on @Darcy 

I think he appreciated having his brother here for a couple of nights but tonight elected to be alone for a break when we invited him for dinner so suspect that it came with a flood of memories for him. 


His siblings (and we are supporting this) are encouraging him to come visit them all (6 siblings across qld and nsw). I think it will be a good thing for him. He has never made a big decision like that though without permission or direction from mum so it is hard for him.  He can pretty much reach all of them by train also so that makes it easy for him. 

Re: Focussing on the positives-

My Dad came to visit us overseas after we list my Mum @Determined ..,.... breaking a 30-odd year drought in overseas travel.  He was at such a loose end ..... then his former workplace called him back in, giving him an “Indian Summer” career for a while. He then travelled to Asia with a good friend whose cultural heritage was there, and started to find himself again by developing a life beyond the loss.


I hope it helps you to know that.

Re: Focussing on the positives-

Thank you @Faith-and-Hope  it does... 



Re: Focussing on the positives-

💐💕 @Determined .....

Re: Focussing on the positives-

Something that made me laugh, and I have continued to have giggles about today.

Yesterday 2 of our boys participated in a paediatric clinic that was for assessment of candidate paediatricians so we were at the hospital for 5 hours.

I was so pleased that all three boys were on there best behaviour despite it being boring for them. 

S3 particularly who was had the most attention with different student Dr's checking him over to form a diagnosis as part of their assessment. So at the end of all that they each got a bag of goodies from the hospital as a token of appreciation, something they did not get to look at straight away as we had a 1 hour + drive home.


When we got home S3 sat down in the living room tipped out all his goodies and as he was checking it all out started singing, 'Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to meeee' clearly delighted with his new treasures. 


I was also grateful that S1 who also got a gift recieved a gift that was not age (generically speaking) appropiate but was S1 appropiate, clearly some thought had gone into the selection of gifts. He was delighted as a result. And S2 while not part of the program got something for being there with his brothers. 




Re: Focussing on the positives-

After the long winded explanation I probably should point out that the giggles were about the happy birthday song.  

Re: Focussing on the positives-

Wow! That is awesome @Determined and so considerate in the selection of gifts. The reaction of your boys over their gifts is a great reminder to celebrate the smallest things and focus on the positives! How are they today after a long day at the hospital yesterday?

Re: Focussing on the positives-

They all report that they had a good day at school and Kindy @Ali11 

S3 was up in front of tv at 6:30 when I left for work (reminder to put the remote up high before bed lol) so he obviously was recharged enough. Clearly more resilient than their dad lol 


I was just happy to contribute to the process as I appreciate the value of medical staff who can manage our boys. 
Part of the object of the day was to access handling of higher needs/ distractable children.

LoL we were all putting on the charm and were on their best behaviour. (The bribe of sizzler if you behave may have contributed to that). 

Re: Focussing on the positives-

@Determined At least their best behaviour is another one of the positives to come out of the experience ☺️

Re: Focussing on the positives-

Maybe it's just one more place we don't fit or just don't understand but it would be nice to hear / read about the nice things that happened,. Sorry you had tough day Sunday, I'm always thankful we live in Adelaide, so often so many nice people chat with me & we have mutual laughs & when I'm really struggling to get my breath or walk someone will ask, "Are you OK,?",  " Do you need help,?\", Although there's nothing they can do unless myself or the lady I look after free, needs ambulance we simply smile, thank them for their care & concern, but treasure the joy of the majority of Adelaide people being so nice. Virtually every day when out in public places, there will be a rewarding & uplifting contact to gladden the day. Even on the tough days it's nice to warm your heart with thoughts & memories of those contacts. Best wishes

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