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Looking after ourselves

Senior Contributor

I’m leaving

It is the hardest decision of my life. 😢

Im leaving the forum 

psych and now dictir agree I’m on here too often and not doing me any good 

i have a very heavy heart 😢

it’s broken 

I’m gone 

feeling shsttered

I’m abandoned 

I don’t know what to say 

nit sure if it’s the right thing 

sobbing while I write this 

I’m going to miss you all so much 

you have all been a BIG part of my life 


I’m really sorry 😢

@nashy @Lauz @Dec @Shaz51 @Zoe7 @Faith-and-Hope @outlander @Sherry  @Razzle  @CheerBear @Ant7  @Hamsolo01  and others I know I have left some names out. I can’t think right now. I’m sorry. 


Re: I’m leaving

@BlueBay 😥😥. I’ll miss you around the forums, but you need to do what you have to to take care of yourself.  You have been a massive help to me and a great friend, I really will miss you.


Take care my friend, I wish you all the very best.  ❤️❤️

Re: I’m leaving

I personally think you should not be even considering this @BlueBay It seems your decision is based on the narrow view of a couple and not what you need for yourself. You have so many friends here that care about you. You have taken time out before and found you need the support that the forum offers so I hope it is just a little time out. Look after yourself Hon and we will, be here if/when you return Heart

Re: I’m leaving

What @Zoe7 said @BlueBay
Maybe just take a break. I understand where your team is coming from however I don't think it makes sense to remove yourself entirely.
Your call. Of course. I would support whatever you did. It actually reminds me of when I had to change my psychologist because she wasn't helping me or letting me talk about some stuff.
Sometimes we are the ones who take action and figure things out ourselves.
Besides, as if they'd know if you would felte your sane membership lol.
But perhaps it's time to step back a little bit?

Re: I’m leaving

@BlueBay  Always here for you BlueBay. Donf't forget xxxx 

Re: I’m leaving

🙁 sad to read this @BlueBay but understanding that you have to do what is right for you. I will say goodbye and that it has been so great to get to know you, and that I will miss seeing you around. But I'll also say that I hope you come back if/when it is right for you too.

Big ❤ for you xx

Re: I’m leaving

Hi @BlueBay 

This sounds like a bit of a tough situation. It is great to read that you have been working with your doctors and mental health professionals around your wellbeing. 


Did you discuss these feelings you have expressed here? It is really important you do what is best for you and if leaving is what is needed then we all support you. 


Do feel free and welcome to know that you can always take a break and see how that feels, nothing has to be permanent and its important to keep working with your support network of professionals on how you can manage the feelings and thoughts you have expressed here.


Re: I’m leaving

aw @BlueBay ill miss you but if thats what you think is best then ill support you. I agree with others though in that this decision should be what you want to do not because of others. Heart

Re: I’m leaving

It is so wonderful to see the support shared here, we all really appreciate your prescene on the forums but also do know that it is important to do what is beneficial to your wellbeing and that is up to you to work through with the supports like your professionals. 

It would be useful for you to speak to your team about your feelings. Without knowing your fears or distress that you have expressed here they can't help you with a decision that works for you. Gaining support from professionals is really wonderful to recovery and they are there to work with you on what you need and what you want. 

You have many supports both here and in your life outside the forums as we know and whatever decision is made you will continue to be supported @BlueBay ☺️


Re: I’m leaving

I agree with others here @BlueBay.  I am sorry to see you go, and I will sure miss you, if you feel it is the right decision for you .... but I hope you will be back quickly if you find it is not working for you.


Big hugs coming your way.  It’s a very difficult decision to make, but there is room to turn around if you feel you need to, do it’s not a permanent one in any case.


If you find it does help, then maybe you can pop back in and visit, further down your recovery road .....




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