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Looking after ourselves

Re: Living with Ourselves

Hello all


Am thinking of you and sending well wishes via my thoughts...

Many of us are going through so much...

We carry on though taking time out when all too much..

I wish for you all some moments of reprieve from non stop banter that we do not need to hear..

Will find some new images to post when I have more energy.

In the meantime be kind to yourselves..


Re: Living with Ourselves

Caught your support and had to say a quick hello @Sherry


You have been going through so much and are a very courageous, strong lady...

please take some self care time too...


Re: Living with Ourselves

Thanks @Sophia1 ... and you too.


Sherry 💕

Re: Living with Ourselves

Re: Living with Ourselves

dear @outlander 

thank you from the bottom of my heart for thinking of me and including me...,means so much

I am struggling inch by inch ....

I am sad that I am not supporting you though...

You as I have always said are an ambassador and strong support for the young especially as well as others on the forums

Thank you for thinking of me can I help you?



Re: Living with Ourselves

Hi @Sophia1 it is nice to see you though im sorry your not doing so well. Is there something you want to talk about? Maybe i can help in some way?

Youve nothing to be sorry for. You need to take care of yourself first and besides i know ive got your support anyway. ❤❤

Re: Living with Ourselves

Hello @outlander 

Again you have been supportive and I thank you from the bottom of my  heart

How are you though?

I know that you have many struggles in your health and want to support you. 

I am not on the forums on a daily basis so please know that I still support you

I hope that you have some daily support from the forums

I am fully aware that there is a popularity scenario on here no different from the real world on here

I will always support you

thank you

Re: Living with Ourselves

Thank you @Sophia1
Your so lovley xo

Thank you for asking, yes life is still very much full of challanges mentally and physically too but im slowly getting there. Im waiting to hear back from the hospital for a date for my dental op but hopefully itll be soon as is causing quite alot of pain. I sent them an email on thursday so maybe next week i might hear something from them. I have quite a big stressor coming up in april too for aome invasive testing. Some of which we spoke of on the womens health thread but have been refferred there for cervical changes as well. Pops health is declining abit so having to go talk to his dr next week about things i can do, support and getting him dementia assessments etc.
But i had quite a good day yesterday with minimal arguments and hardships from pop and went shopping, went out for lunch and also rode a horse again for the first time in yrs. So it was really quite a nice day. Ive got a pretty busy week ahead so it was quite a refresher i guess you could say....

Hows your week looking?

Re: Living with Ourselves

Hello @outlander 

You conhtinue to amaze me..You are enduring your own health issues and at the same time still attending to your grandfather. I understand your love and devotion to him.

I know that you have heard this so many times. Look at where you are now and where you can be with freedom with the creativity that you have

I wish I had the insight at your not waste it ,,,,,,


Re: Living with Ourselves

Thank you @Sophia1
My insight is both a blessing and a curse. I wont really go into it as i have a feeling you would have an idea on that. I still have alot to learn though that is for sure.
I dont want to take over here so i hope its ok to ask.... but what do you mean by dont waste the insights? I have heard you say that before and i think others too but i dont really know what it means. I have an idea but im not to sure either.. Could you explain it to me abit more?

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