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Looking after ourselves

Re: Living with Ourselves

Hello @Sophia1 

Its good to see you after a while.


I saw your tag but not what you wrote. 


I know things get lonely for us all and finding friendliness online helps a lot. @TAB 


I am getting clearer about my complicated baggage and what it actually means for me in socialising.  I also have a heap more support in real life now, than I did when I first joined forum.  My posts now are quite different, partly cos the stress and isolation has eased up, so maybe some of the baggage I carried has been taken from my back.  My defensiveness is not needed, whereas at first all my woundedness was covered with some level of fierceness about MH activism and what happened with my younger sibs.  SInce I joined forum I have been taken seriously in 2 Royal Commissions, so that probably has helped reduce my intensity about it, and I can get back to my more laid back self.  Socialising is different from activism and different from advocacy ... blah blah ...(Slow learner here Smiley Embarassed)


I also enjoyed our R&R music history convos and links TABS.

Smiley HappyHeart



Re: Living with Ourselves

@applebosom @Appleblossom 😸👌 lol ✌️ sounds like progess:, well on your part 🏍

Re: Living with Ourselves

@Sophia1  Sophia1Heart Are you okay? I am a confused lil pea .... talking about emotions I am not good with that which is why I like online relationships but the ones I have online I care deeply about and you are one of them. I just want to make sure that you are okay? peaxx

Re: Living with Ourselves

@greenpea  I agree with you, and I too am concerned about you @Sophia1 


Hope you are okay. Here if you wish to talk. If you're able to. 😕


Sending love your way.


Sherry 💕💕

Re: Living with Ourselves

Here is a link but not without words.  @TAB 


Also the german and WWII side mattered @TAB sometimes I connect more easily with Europeans than Aussies.  Music can break barriers.


I love Schubert's Die Bist du Ruh

I played the piano when mother sang it. I tried to sing it, but prefer lower registers.


Better at singing this one

Bist du bei mir, not Bach but Stolzel ... life must be frustrating without umlauts.  These songs got me through my most painful moments. Picked Schwarzkoff for briding possibilities.


My crazy mind actually ponders the umlaut thing ...

So last week when I sang with 2 ladies and they sang Schoen as Shane ... my brain had a mini seizure ...  but got the drift eventually ... and sang along... and not stress about mere spelling ..

Smiley Very Happy


Bei Mir Bistu Schone


Thank you for letting me explain. @Sophia1 @greenpea  @Sherry  I certainly dont want to hi jack this thread for long.


Playing music with a local German lady helped me with some isolation probs for a few months, til I got caught between a British/German division/argument in U3a.  One english lady had worked it out with the german lady but another english one had not .... this stuff is real and recent ... and bigger than me ... other people got on their high horse and say they should be over it ... but it actually takes lots of little steps ... 

Re: Living with Ourselves

Who knows @Appleblossom i dont feel german still interested in them re ww2 and youtube seems
Yeah wayne newton re ‘shane’ linguistically it becomes a new entity
Ok stay with you ha
Will look
Got point about words w clips

Re: Living with Ourselves

Not applicable

Re: Living with Ourselves

Hi @Sophia1 

Thinking of you and hoping you’re ok. 

I just  wanted to let you know that I’ve always enjoyed chatting with you, even though I haven’t said much for a while. 

Take care and remember that there seems to be quite a few people that really care about you, I am one of them. 



Re: Living with Ourselves

@Sophia1  Hi Sophia1 hope you are doing well today Smiley Happy. Something happened on Friday Feast last night and I am quite upset about it .... apparently I insulted another formite which I didn't mean too .... I apologised straight away but still feel deeply hurt by the scarcasm this formite used on me. I am going to give myself space from the formite to protect myself. Like real peas I am a delicate thing and get squashed easily Smiley Sad

Re: Living with Ourselves

@Sophia1  HeartHeartHeart

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