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Looking after ourselves

Re: My f@itness journey

morning @greenpea @Meowmy @Ant7 I can't believe it but I did a very short, high intensity workout this morning. I skipped the warm up job & cool down stretches but at least did the workout. I'm hoping it will give me energy thru the day today.


@Ant7 your 45km hike sounds amazing! You must have a strong back to carry all that weight. I can only carry a very light day pack with water & snacks as my back isn't so good. Your Tasmanian hike also sounds amazing, what wonderful scenery you must have seen, you must have got to some really remote wilderness. You & your wide sound like quite the team!


Have a good day today all, hope you can get a bit of exercise in. @Meowmy I hope your chest cold is getting better? Smiley Happy

Re: My f@itness journey

@BryanaCamp Well done, hope you enjoy today.

Re: My f@itness journey

@BryanaCamp  Thank you so much it took quite a bit of training to get to where I am now. When we started we could only manage about 3k with no pack and on a flat path so we just slowly went further and then added packs

Re: My f@itness journey

morning @Ant7 @Meowmy @greenpea  I'm happy to tell you I've done a short, high intensity workout & a 5km walk this morning, got a sweat up. I only have to work this arvo so there was no excuse! It's a bit of a gamble exercising in the morning, hopefully it won't leave me tired this arvo for work, I'm hoping it will actually give me more stamina. @Gazza75 just tagging you here incase you need a bit of exercise inspiration today.


Hope you can all enjoy a little exercise today, I've had a healthy brekky of porridge thanks to @greenpea & all her healthy cookery! 



Re: My f@itness journey

Way to go @BryanaCamp .  Good on you.  I've just had a meeting and am going to embark on a walk after a cuppa.  I reckon it will give you a bit more energy, especially if you got some sunshine on your travels.  You can always sneak some choc later on if you need a pick me up.  


Re: My f@itness journey

@BryanaCamp hey sweetie, so good re morning exercises. I am stuck at work until six thirty pm. Hope to go for a walk in large shopping centre after work. So well done for your healthy living. Wish you a great afternoon.

Re: My f@itness journey

hugs my @Meowmy  HeartHeart

Hello @Queenie , @Gazza75 , @BryanaCamp , @Ant7 

Re: My f@itness journey

morning my exercising friends @Meowmy @Queenie  @Gazza75 @Ant7 . I did a 16km hike yesterday, pleased with myself. It was quite overcast but took some pics especially for @greenpea as I know she enjoys them


bushtrack1.JPG  bushtrack2.JPG


I sweated a lot & got my heart rate up...but then I had 2 peices of cake after dinner !


Hope you all get a chance to do a bit of exercise today, we all must be getting fitter & stronger Smiley Happy



Re: My f@itness journey

@BryanaCamp  I love you BryanaCamp and your treats Smiley Tongue If you are going to do 16km hikes you can definitely eat two pieces of cake for dessert Smiley Happy. Cannot wait to see the photos thank you for sending them through am just waiting for them to download.


I went for a walk this morning it is freezing so much so that I turned around a bit early as the wind was so cold I couldnt breathe properly. I like it though is refreshing and invigorating just thought I was having an asthma attack lol.


How is everyone else doing? @Queenie @Shaz51 @Meowmy @Gazza75 @Ant7 

Re: My f@itness journey

@BryanaCamp  @greenpea  Good morning. @BryanaCamp  Good on you re your hiking it looks lovely. @greenpea  How are your kids getting any better I hope they are and you are able to get some sleep and some exercise 💜

I am trying to get myself motivated to do a ride today but it’s freezing here 

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