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Looking after ourselves

Senior Contributor

Navigating relationships

@Dec@ali11 relationships are not easy. It can cause lots of heartaches.



Re: Navigating relationships

Hi @Meowmy , I totally agree with you. Friendships are hard and with a mental illness it makes them even harder. That is why I value my forum friends on here so much more. I still know it is not the same as having those friendships in real life...

Re: Navigating relationships

@Snowie @Not easy to get the appropriate  distance right and feelings often can be confusing. With MI, hard to know if the other party would have much prejudice.

Re: Navigating relationships

Since my mental illness I have lost lots of friendships. Not sure if it is them not knowing how to deal with me or me pushing people away. I seem to think it is the later. We certainly go into our own little bubble. 


Re: Navigating relationships

@Snowie @I did the same thing for twenty years. Lately I had been stable and contacted a few of them. Some of them quite happy to reconnect. So it may worth the efforts.That also seem to help my sense of loss too.

Re: Navigating relationships

Glad you have contacted a few of them @Meowmy Hopefully you can have good and supporting friendships with them. Well done for reaching out to them Smiley Happy

Re: Navigating relationships

Hi, yes I totally understand that.

Re: Navigating relationships

@Snowie @Bentpole-01  I think friendships are slow to build and reconnect. I am just making baby steps of recovery and finding friendships again.


 May be having MI teaches us some thing deep and richer that we can connect with more meaningful friends over time.@ali11

Re: Navigating relationships

Yes, it's slow to try and reconnect. I think also you have to make a choice to walk away from a friendship vs staying and hoping people with make the effort to stay connected.

Re: Navigating relationships

@Snowie I tried to reach out to a coworker whom I have worked with for six months. She is a single mum and asked me for some relationship issues. I offered to walk together during the Easter break, but she said she has to sort out her house. So may be next time. I am organizing a lunch with a few people I knew before my illness for in two weeks. So I feel a bit more connected.

Hope you feel better and enjoy some connections you like.

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