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Looking after ourselves

Senior Contributor

Starting a peak body - for our solidarity



I've been thinking of starting a new national peak body for solidarity and rights


there's a lot of diversity in the community of people who hear voices or see visions or experience severe distress, have survived abuse or suffered other trauma, have strong emotions or fears or multiple people living inside, have experienced deep despair or exhaustion or wrestled with suicide or any of the many other diverse things that have led us all here.


We don't really have a national peak body that is all about us, run by us, for us - not just using our voices for "consultation" but people, together talking about how to get our rights and needs met, deciding how we will be seen, how we will get respect, what laws will be there to help us get equity and rights- and ensuring none are there to take it away, deciding which services will be funded and how.


I'd like to start one. To begin with just one that gives everyone a voice to talk things out in terms of what they want. We are all really diverse, we call ourseives different things and we want different things but together, we can figure out how to get them all.


I've been thinking about how the LGBTIQ+ community came out to say "we're here, we're queer, get used to it" and celebrated all they are.


I think we are all beautiful, we are beautiful with our scars, and even in our suffering and we are beautiful in all the colours and emotions, the visions the voices, the stories the things we deserve to make sense of if we want, get the support we want, whatever that may be, different for each of us to allow us full and free participation in the lives we want, the healing we need, the truth and respect we deserve


I"m just hoping others will want to join too. Not to worry about where and how or what we would do, I guess it would just be nice to have solidarity, to know we were playing by our own rules, using our own language, setting our own identity, and getting respect on no uncertain terms - to begin with because we have it for each other.


So hoping others will be into it. Guess we can only wait and see.

Hope everyone has a really lovely night!


Re: Starting a peak body - for our solidarity

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