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Looking after ourselves

Senior Contributor

can you overturn a narcissistic smear campaign


My partner and I are currently victims of a narcassistic sisterinlaw who is now trying to do a smear campaign on us by manipulation, fabrication, and looks like she will not stop at anything to get my partners frail mother to hate us and I think she has succeeded.  We have had nothing to do with this woman for maybe 20 years and only seen her at 5 family functions but due to a family situation have been dealing with her for the past week.  We thought she had changed but realise now she has only perfected her art.

We have blocked all communication as we know narcassists absolutely hate that as we had the last word, we think maybe some of this was spurred on when she realised we were more successful in life than her plus she is very greedy and money orientated.  It seems nothing is beneath her .

Has anyone dealt with someone like this and managed to turn it around (the smear campaign)?

Or do we just have to accept the fact that we may never be able to see my partners mother again as she probably hates us now!

She has even fabricated events to us when there was only us there, like putting it in writing would make it real somehow.  She is very spineless and does none of this face to face its all done through hand written notes, texts and email which we have kept!

If anyone has any advice on the best way to deal with her and have the truth come out somehow, I would really appreciate it.

We are actually expecting something worse to happen, not sure what but narcassists will do everything to win and what we put in our response will really get to her because its revealing a dirty secret she didnt think I knew about. She will do something to retaliate we know that and just have to wait and see.


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