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health anxiety

Does anyone else get health anxiety? Do you have any coping stategies that help you manage it? 


Re: health anxiety

Hi @outlander , not 100% sure I know what you mean.  I am extremely anxious and worried about my physical health for the last 6 months with the medications I am taking.  The side effects worry me silly and I hate what they have done to Me.  The negative feels like its well and truly exceeding any positives and have done for some time.

The only way I can cope is to hope that when I taper off that something will change.  Part of me thinks it probably won't.  My psychologist and doctor haven't exactly helped or filled me with positivity in this regard.  Its hard to deflect negative thoughts, but, that's how I try and cope.


I guess I'm a bit lucky to that I work full time so aren't always dwelling on things.


Sorry if I'm off track and my response unhelpful.

Re: health anxiety

We're sorry to hear about your health anxiety @outlander, do you mean anxiety about your health? 

Re: health anxiety

Hi @outlander 

I do worry and get anxious about my health. In particular my asthma and blood pressure. I’m also really really worried about this years flu. I’m getting really scared that I’ll get it snd together with my asthma will be bad. 

Coping skills - I guess all I can do is stay active and thst will help with my anxiety. 

I’m sorry I don’t know other coping skills. 

Tske care ❤️

Re: health anxiety

thanks for sharing @Gazza75 @BlueBay @Ali11 Heart
i havent really got a heap of time so i cant respond properly atm but i will when i can.

i guess another name for health anxiety is hypochondria. if that helps make things easier to understand, but yes essentially its worry insecently about yours (or others) health even if it is something minor thats happening.

Re: health anxiety

Ah, yes @outlander, we completely understand, thanks for confirming. 

Worrying about health is something that many people experience, however, you can always make sure you are exercising and eating right, which is listed in this great fact sheet from SANE about mental illness & physical health. Do you like to exercise or get active? 

Re: health anxiety

hey @Ali11 yeah i exercise quite often at least every second day but try for every day.

Re: health anxiety

That's great @outlander! What's your favourite way to be active? Are we right to remember that you were hiking at some point? 

Re: health anxiety

Hi @outlander 


My anxiety definitely affects the way I view my physical health as well as my mental health. Both my ankles and my left wrist were injured a year ago in a accident at work. The scans have not shown any signs of injury yet I am infact injured. For months I was told by my bosses and case managers (from insurance company and rehabilitation provider) that the lack of scan proof meant I was not sufficiently injured enough to be off work and my pain was just in my head. I was told to push through the pain and just get on with it. This led to me questioning whether my pain was caused by my anxiety instead of the injury. I have since seen a neurologist and  2 orthopaedic surgeons  who both agree my injury and pain is real. My current physical condition is quite limiting and whilst surgery will improve that there is no guarantee I will return to the activity level prior to the accident. This leads me to question what my life will look like moving forward and in all honesty I'm terrified about all the potential negative consequences of surgery. 


So, my former employer fired me for being injured yet their insurance company claims I'm not injured. There are now lawyers involved which has made me feel both less and more anxious about the whole situation at the same time. I'm one of those people who will avoid conflict by putting the wants and needs of others above my own. I have done this for as long as I can remember so for me to be standing up for myself in saying I was mistreated and not wanting to let those responsible get away with it is massive for me. I have always considered myself someone who will just continue to be abused and bullied blaming myself for behaving in a way that made people treat me this way. 


Anxiety is such a broad condition to suffer from where some sufferers only experience symptoms in relation to certain things whereas those like me have anxiety affect every aspect of their lives. 


I hope this is somewhat along the lines of what you meant. I apologize if none of this was helpful to you

Re: health anxiety

hi @Ali11 i tend to just like walking. im rather lazy atm due to being sick and just flat out so im getting enough exercise in my day to day living. no, i dont hike, im pretty sure @BryanaCamp was hiking though?

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