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Looking after ourselves

Re: what to do when feeling Overwhelmed

I happily eat Broccoli anyway @Darcy Even though it doesn't taste like chocolate.


Re: what to do when feeling Overwhelmed




Re: what to do when feeling Overwhelmed

Re: what to do when feeling Overwhelmed

hello @Boo13 soo nice to see you my friend Heart

Hello @Darcy, @Adge, @Ghost, @Determined, @pc1954

Re: what to do when feeling Overwhelmed

I really love that chart @Darcy


I think I had better print that out and stick it on the fridge and prefer the healthy snacks in advance - they can't go astray if overwhelming situations are few and far between


Most of the things I would like to eat when I need to release any kind of tension seems to be sweet which is okay as long as it's not to often - it also seems most of the things people do when the pressure is on is not good for the health either


Taking a walk - best idea - there was about a year when taking a walk was physically hard because of as trick knee - still gotta walk to get over that one


It's so much easier to walk up to the shops for some snowballs - mmmm - the walk part is okay




take a flight.jpgIt's amazing what ideas I get from clipartOkay - it's easy to get on a plane but I promise to return



Re: what to do when feeling Overwhelmed

Thanks @Shaz51


I was going to get back to you about the things we might love to do when we are overwhelmed not being good for Poor Little Kidney


So true - sigh - regardless of the state of our kidneys or the whole of our body actually - often the things we reach out for when life becomes overwhelming is scary - personally I like sweet food and I try and avoid it but that is what I really like


I have thought a lot about it and in most cases it depends on what it is that we go for and how often - if we reach for the wrong things often that is not good - we can have a little of anything from time to time - which is good - 


I have what I call the Chocolate Frog Story - I was told I could eat as many chockie frogs as I like if I walk all the way to the shop - buy one - walk all the way home and eat it and then walk back to the shop for another one


The first one tastes wonderful - and I can tell you - the thought of walking back to the shop for the second one on a hot, wet, cold or windy day doesn't appeal and if it seems worthwhile - the rules says we can do it all day long if we like


Oh yes!! - I can tell you that walking to the shop for one thing - that being a chockie frog - and walking home and eating it was great - I never walked back for another one and Strawberry Cream Chockie Frogs are great


Enough said - it's great to walk but I don't want everyone starting an exodus for chockie frogs one at a time


Dec - 


chockie frogs.jpgI said "One chockie frog"

Oh no!!

Re: what to do when feeling Overwhelmed

As I live out of town walking 8km  for a choccie frog might just be bit too much for me @Dec.


@Myla you might like the chart in this thread too.

Re: what to do when feeling Overwhelmed

I think that's the idea @Darcy


You can eat as many chockie frogs as you like if you do the walking but the thought of 8 km on a hot day - wow - not fun


And imagine the frog when you get home after walking 8 km in the heat - poor frog - not for you obviously Darcy


Not enough fun there



Re: what to do when feeling Overwhelmed

@Dec would be hot choc 😀 BTW is 8 km each way (16km round trip). I am fat and unfit 😬. 


I used to do some weeding in the garden when overwhelmed, but have not really got my gardening mojo back yet. 

Re: what to do when feeling Overwhelmed

I lost my gardening mojo several years ago @Darcy

Very strange, since I've had a green thumb since tiny - & worked as a Horticulturist for 12 years.

I still haven't got it back yet....


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