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Re: A long rave

love to send some rain to you my super @greenpea , it rained soo much again last night xx

Hugs @Adge , we were the same with mum , no one helped and I did everything for mum but with her liquid diet was a learning experience , mum has worked out what she can`t eat

she makes lots of soups and then strains the soup and drinks the liquid , and have to have a low fibre diet

sending you knowing hugs Heart

Re: A long rave

Yes microwave meals is the way to go @greenpea Thanks for reminding me.

I would never say no to Baked Beans on Toast, especially with cheese! Yum, parsley is an extra bonus.

Thanks @Shaz51 I was not supposed to be on a liquid diet, when I came out of hospital 4 years ago.

It's just that I was so weak (& got weaker), that drinking protein drinks was all that I could do.

I had been "nil by mouth" (fed via drip) for most of my time in hospital, until only a few days before I went home.

I tell you what, when I finally got my first solid meal in hospital (not via drip), after about 12 days in there - I heartily ate the lot, then got a massive stomach ache.....

My stomach was not used to having food in it (after almost 2 weeks).


Re: A long rave

That was tough @Shaz51 With your having to do everything for your Mum, when she came home.

I remember the hospital staff were so rude (2015 reversal surgery) - they said "Get your brother to look after you, when you go home".

I said, "No, he lives in NSW on the other side of the country", "All my relatives live on the other side of the country".


Re: A long rave

I just made myself Baked Beans on Toast, in your honour @greenpea

With cheese, & some curry powder to spice it up a bit.

Thanks for reminding me of that yummy healthy meal option.

Maybe not quite as nice as the one you make?


Re: A long rave

@Adge  Smiley Happy Good morning Adge. Happy that you had your baked beans I will try mine with some curry powder next time Smiley Happy Do you have a Woolies or Coles nearby? They do prepared salads which might help you after your operation. Can you do home delivery if driving is too much for you?

Re: A long rave

Good morning all   @greenpea @Adge @Shaz51 @CheerBear @Mazarita @outlander @Exoplanet @Zoe7 @Appleblossom 


Looks like it was quiet here yesterday.  I went to the farm with my bro on Saturday afternoon and came back yesterday afternoon.  So peaceful and the stars were incredibly bright sat night as there was so little moon.  Spent the morning studying the notes I've made from bridge lessons from sil's mum in anticipation of starting the beginner's lessons at the local bridge club this morning.   She will take me and I think she's staying for this first one.  Feeling a bit nervous about joining a new group but telling myself everyone else will be new too.


Really hope the hospital gives you more support this time @Adge   and I think @greenpea 's made some good suggestions re m/w meals, home delivery and so forth.  You could make some of your favourite things before then and freeze them.

Aside from medical support afterwards, perhaps try to speak to a social worker at the hospital before your op - they should be able to organize home support for you.

Re: A long rave

Morning @eth 😊 great to hear you had a peaceful getaway. It's so lovely to see the night sky like that 💙 Hope your bridge class goes well. Again well done to you pushing yourself to try new things even when they feel a little scary!

I have a nice day ahead hopefully - that's the plan anyway! I'm off to get my hair cut soon which I'm really looking forward to. I have a style that is definitely part of 'me' (enough that people refer to me as CheerBear with that hairstyle). It's been too long to style it so I've been more 'CheerBear who looks like a sheepdog' for the last little while and have felt pretty blegh about it. Hoping having my hair back will give me a bit of a lift. Then I'm planning on spending some time making some squares for a new blanket. I should also hear from my support coordinator about some NDIS referrals and a request to have my plan reviewed today 🤞

Sorry to hear you're in the situation you are @Adge. Really hope you can have something sorted that will make the tricky time ahead easier for you.

👋 and ❤ to all. Hope Monday has started well for everyone.

Re: A long rave

@Exoplanet I took this one for you 🙂




I was taken for a walk by my little mate above on the weekend 😍 I'm much more of a cat person than a dog person but they're growing on me and I'm learning lots about them. The lesson in this moment was that it is best to find sticks that aren't as wide as the path you're walking along if you can. And also that calling a dog with a branch in their mouth to come to you will probably hurt your shins! 😆




Re: A long rave

Hi @greenpea 

Hi @eth

Yes I will have frozen meals lined up, in fridge.

I get a frozen meal delivery - it's a matter of making myself eat it.

When weak & very tired, I virtually don't feel I can eat.

I won't be able to easily drive for a week or so, after surgery - so will need to stock up on supplies (before).

I haven't slept most of last night, so am a zombie right now.

Have a good day everyone.


Re: A long rave

Thanks @CheerBear 

I will be good, I intend.

This will be the 4th surgery, directly caused (or made necessary) by my previous 3 bowel surgeries.

So that explains the angst.

Also having been sent to hospital via ambulance 4 times in December (last year) - has made the process (or anticipation) more triggering...


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