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Re: A long rave

It sounds like you had a wonderful weekend away @eth  So nice to be able to go somewhere to relax and wonderful that it was a clear night and you could see so many stars. Good luck at Bridge - hope you really enjoy it and don't feel too anxious being in a new group of people.


@CheerBear  I have an image of a cheerbear with a sheepdog hair style and it made me giggle - hope your haircut is perfect and you feel a little better after having it cut.


@Adge  Is your surgery this week? I know you have been waiting a long time for it so hoping it is so you can begin to heal nd be in less pain.

Re: A long rave

I have an awesome hairdresser who has done it a few times and does it well @Zoe7 so it feels great thanks (and I think looks better than the sheepdog look I'd been going with 😆). She used a funky texturising spray which made a big difference and I learned how to make a sea salt one at home - yay👍

I was just about to wander to find a corner to ask how you're going and whether you've been chatting with friend again?

Re: A long rave

No chatting with friend for a couple of days @CheerBear  He had an open home on Saturday and sold his house on the same day so he is pretty busy getting things orgnaised for all that. I am not too fussed to be honest - I know his plan was to go travelling when he sold his house but I suspect that won't happen straight away as he has sold his house so quickly. Don't know what his plans may be now but I am sure he will tell me in time. It does feel like we have become more distant of late - I know we both have a lot going on and I certainly don't have the time I did have (or the energy) for that same interaction that we were having. Maybe this is a good thing though - especially if he is going to go away soon. Mixed feelings on it all but the tricky is still there and I don't think that is something I can get over - it will work out as it does I suppose!

Re: A long rave

Wow that house sold quickly @Zoe7!

I hear you with mixed feelings. As always, you seem to be taking a very sensible approach with it all. Big ❤

Re: A long rave

He only had in on the market for a few days and it was the first open house so it did sell super quickly @CheerBear  I can imagine there is a lot he now has to do. I know he has been selling off most of his music equipment over the last couple of months but there is still a lot he needs to sort out. He may need to find somewhere to live for a while before he travels - so much is up in the air atm and I am still trying to settle in at work so I feel like there is a big divide between where we both are at present. Nothing is easy is it! 

Re: A long rave

There is definitely lots to take up headspace and time for both of you at the moment @Zoe7 so it's no wonder communication has slowed down. Add in the tricky that there was/is for you too and I imagine that might take up even more energy that you would prefer to use elsewhere.

Nope - little is easy I find 😏

Re: A long rave

The tricky has certainly taken up more headspace than I was prepared for @CheerBear  and in a lot of ways has kept me from being in such regular contact with him. I think I have subconsciously pulled away a bit because of it and whilst he has been very open with me it definitely has altered my opinion of him. I want to be able to move past it but finding that difficult. I know you get that feeling too nd it is hard when you really do like everything else about that person - that one thing that is quite big is hard to get around though. It really does come down to what we both want and need out of this friendship and if in fact freindship is enough for both of us in this situation.

Re: A long rave

Hi @Zoe7 Thanks for asking.

How have you been?

I still have a few weeks to wait, yet for my surgery.

It's booked for 6th of March (a Wednesday), hopefully they don't change that date (as hospitals do).

My pre-surgery medical assessment is on 28th of February (a Thursday) - that goes for 2 hours.

That's when they examine every health implication (aspect) - & I have to talk to the Anaesthetist about being fine with all the anaesthetic drugs, etc.

I'm getting more anxious, leading up to it all - which is not helping.

This will be my 4th surgery, one that I should have never needed to have.

My recent (4) trips to A&E last December have made the process more triggering, & maybe more emotionally complicated.



Re: A long rave

You certainly have a lot of triggers there @Adge  and it is no wonder you are feeling anxious about it all. Hopefully these next few weeks fly by but the anxiety will most likely still be there - that is quite natural though - it is no small thing you are going through and I very much feel for you in all this. It should never have come to this for you - this all should have been sorted a long time ago - especially as mistakes were made that have severely affected your ongoing health. I do hope this is tha last surgery that you will need to have and that it all goes well for you. Heart


I am doing okay - it is a public holiday here today so back to work tomorrow then Wednesday off (that is my usual day off each week). Have normal appointments and DBT on Wednesday but I think this will be my last module so I can relax more on my day off. I have been unwell over the weekend and Toby was sick on Friday and Saturday as well so it has been a weekend of sleeping for both of us - we are both okay now - must have been a 24 hour thing for us both. 

Re: A long rave

@Adge @Mazarita @Zoe7 @CheerBear @@eth  Hi everyone hoping you are all having a wonderful day. Weather is lovely here warm with a breeze like yesterday. Will go for a walk later on tonight. Love greenpea xxx

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