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Re: A long rave

Having a lazy afternoon here @greenpea but might have a visitor later - just waiting to hear back from him. Hope you have a lovely walk later little pea Smiley Very Happy


@CheerBear  Heard from friend today and he suggested he would like to come around this afternoon. I told him that was okay so just waiting to hear when that will be. It means I will have to at least get dressed - was going to have a jammies day. Smiley Surprised

Re: A long rave

@Zoe7 o0o0o0o0o0oooo .... a male visitor is there something that the pea should know!Smiley Happy

Re: A long rave

It's a lovely day here too @greenpea. High 20's, a little overcast and a really nice breeze 😊 Hope you enjoy your walk later.

Oooh @Zoe7! His ears must have been burning 😉 He also must be a special kind of person to be worthy of getting out of your pjs for - that's not really a thing in my world 😆 Hope it goes well. If you feel up to sharing how you went later I'll be keeping an ear (eye) out.

Better fly and see how much house stuff I can get done before the kids get home to undo it! Have a nice arvo 👋❤

Re: A long rave

Thanks @Zoe7 I'm glad that you & Toby are feeling better.

I'm thinking of you too.

Rushing off to work now...


Re: A long rave

@greenpea Been messaging this guy for a couple of months now and we have met up a couple of times. He is really lovely but there are some things in his past that I have found a bit diffiult to deal with. I do give him a lot of credit for being so open about it and it was a long time ago but still some red flags up I am trying hard to move past. We can talk for hours - he is a very big talker lol - but the conversation flows easily - not something I am used to but it is very nice when it does happen. He has just sold his house and was expecting to travel after he did that so the future is very much up in the air. It is just a friendship but a nice one and as such I can deal with the tricky of his past - if it was to be anymore than that I don't think I could deal with it.


@CheerBear  Haven't heard back yet but maybe should get dressed anyway - he is not likely to just call in without notice but just in case I would at least like to be out of my jammies Smiley Tongue Happy house cleaning until the LF get home. Will let you know how it goes if he does come around Smiley Very Happy

Re: A long rave

@Zoe7  I am happy that you have found a friend that can make you laugh and keep you happy. Not many men can talk for hours so that is a plus. Well you never know what the future may bring. Smiley Happy


Re: A long rave

We can talk about anything @greenpea and it is nice to have that conversation. I find I do most of the listening while he does most of the talking so it is kind of a win-win as I am retty guarded still in what I talk about. In saying that he does know about my depression and some of what I have been through with that but doesn't know the other bigger stuff - that is not something I can talk about with anyone so despite us having pretty good communication I am not open to disclosing a lot of things. He knows there are some deep things there but acknowledges it but doesn't push me to talk about any of it and that is good.

Re: A long rave

@CheerBear  @greenpea  We have made a tentaive 'date' for Wednesday afternoon as I will be home early after pdoc appointment and today it is already getting late and I need to do a few things before tomorrow. Nothing else planned on Wednesday apart from DBT and appointments so that will work out well. Going to cancel my GP appointment in the morning - don't need scripts or any further tests at the moment so it is not a necessary appointment. Will go next week though and then begin alternating between that and my psych each week. Maybe even reduce my psych appoinments to monthly as well - will talk to her in my next appointment about doing that, I think I am in a pretty good place to be able to do that at present but still want that backup for support if things at school spin out of control at all.

Re: A long rave

Hello Everyone Smiley Happy

@CheerBear  I love the photo, how very Staffyish Smiley Very Happy 

@eth  Thank you for always remembering me. Glad you enjoyed the stars over the farm Heart

@Mazarita  Thinking of you Heart

@outlanderHoping your comfortable & sending love Heart


Dam, I forgot my pills, I'll take them now.



Re: A long rave

Good morning all who pass here today.


@CheerBear I hope you're happy with your new hair do.


@Adge   Hope you had a better sleep and that today is an improvement for you.


Hi @Zoe7  hope your week at work got off to a good start.  And that the tricky with your friend sorts itself out soon.


Hi to you too @greenpea and @Exoplanet , @outlander @Appleblossom @Razzle @Shaz51   @Teej  and of course @Mazarita 

Hope today is going smoothly and according to plan so far.


I've got some chores to do, then heading out with my support worker to water tai chi and then a smoking cessation counselling session at the womens centre.  Have to plan a keto diet menu some time today and translate that into a shopping list for tomorrow.  Plus my printer is jammed and I have to take it apart to clear the jam.  Have put that off for a few days already.  Asked bro for help but he said to have a try first.  So I will, but not at all confident about it.

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