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Re: A long rave

@Zoe7  I don't know how you do it Zoe7 4/5s would give me a nervous break down Smiley Surprised!

Re: A long rave

I prefer the 3/4 grade @greenpea but have fallen in love with the 1/2s as well. I spend most time with the 1/2s and 4/5 classes so I know most of them pretty well. The class I had today I work primarily with a small group of kids each week so haven't got to know the rest of the class as well. Today showed me the variety of abilities in the class though so next week I will have a wider range of work for each different ability levels to do.

Re: A long rave

Hiya all 👋

Just calling by to see how you're going tonight @eth. I hope you're feeling OK enough about your review tomorrow, but understand if you're not too. Thinking of you ❤

Hope the evening is going well for everyone 🙂

Re: A long rave

@Zoe7 You have done so well with the class. Hope you will have nice evening and dinner. Take care.

Re: A long rave

@greenpea So good to hear son two is a lot better. You are great mum. Just had cauliflower,onion, mushroom, chicken stock bake, feeling nutritious. Going for a nap. Have a good dinner.

Re: A long rave

@Meowmy Done the ,arking I needed to do and now settling in for a quiet evening. Hope yours is quiet and peaceful too Heart

Re: A long rave

Hi @greenpea Of course I need Good Luck (& happy Vibes) - who doesn't?

Thanks @Zoe7

Well we had a good chat (for 1 & 1/2 hours), & that was fun (nice).

The lady had the wrong age on her dating profile (she said), she's actually 10 years older than it said.

She does not seem interested in meeting someone for a relationship - she just likes meeting men once, as a social outing (she said).

It was good as a "confidence-building social exercise".

I hadn't been down to the Boat Harbour in several years, so that was nice.

I'm hungry (only just got home) - so I'm munch, munching dinner, as I type...


Re: A long rave

@Meowmy  Hi Meowmy you are a good daughter. Going to work and then coming home to make dinner. I do hope your work at home is appreciated. Hoping you are sleeping well Love greenpeaxxxx

Re: A long rave

@Adge  Hi Adge look at it this way it was a nice outing and it got you out of the house doing someting you dont normally do Smiley Very Happy. Sounds like you both had a nice time out and about. Love greenpeaxxxx


Re: A long rave

Hi and good morning to @Mazarita @Adge @CheerBear @Zoe7 @Meowmy @CheerBear @Appleblossom @Exoplanet @Angels333 @BryanaCamp @Alacarte @eth  and all who I have missed and all who pass wishing everyone a super pea Thursday Smiley Very Happy. No news just wanted to wish everyone a really kind and compassionate day ahead with special thoughts going out to eth who I know is very nervous about her up and coming ndis meeting - will be with you in spirit eth xxxxx


Love to all greenpeaxxxx

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