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Re: A long rave

a keto diet plan? Good luck with the printer I know you can do it eth!! Smiley Happy @eth 

Re: A long rave

Good morning @eth @greenpea & everyone.

Have a good day, I hope.


Re: A long rave

@Adge  Hi Adge wishing you a good day too for the finch. Love greenpea xxx

Re: A long rave

Thanks @greenpea

I'm seeing Dr right now.

I need a scan for neck - severe pain for over 8 weeks.

Shoulder Bursitis has flared back up - so probably need another injection for that.

I will probably have to miss my fortnightly MH lunch today - because I don't see how I can squeeze that in.

Before driving into city for psychologist appointment.


Re: A long rave

@Adge  You have my full support Adge. xxx

Re: A long rave

Thanks @greenpea !

You have my support too.

I feel under the hammer  (stressed) when going from one appointment to the next, to the next.

Especially when they're medical appointments - & no treatment is suggested or found.

Most Tuesdays have become solid appointment days.

Dr wants me to go back to a physiotherapist for my shoulder & neck - which I have just booked.

I'm getting an ultrasound of my neck, to see if that shows the cause.

What's the positive in all this?

Well I'm being pro-active & am chasing things up...


Re: A long rave

@Adge  Well you are being proactive and chasing things up which I find very impressive as it can be hard particularly as you say all in the one day Smiley Surprised! I suppose you get it all over an done with but it would be exhausting.

Re: A long rave

Such a busy day @Adge  but good that you are getting the ultrasound and hopefully they can work out what is wrong with your shoulder. Hope your appointment this afternoon went okay.


Hi @eth  Hoping you enjoyed your water tai chi and have got that paper jam sorted. I had a good day back at work today - lots of positives and no real negatives. It is so nice to be going back to work and actually wanting to be there. I struggle to get myself going in the morning but part of that is the meds - once I get there I am okay though.


@greenpea  as always it is wonderful seeing you pop up here also - love some little pea time Smiley Very Happy

Re: A long rave

@Zoe7  Hi Zoe7 Smiley Happy  happy to hear that you are enjoying your work - that is great Smiley Happyxxx

Re: A long rave

Hi @greenpea  It is going well and I am enjoying it for the most part. There is still some things to be ironed out but that will happen over the coming weeks.

How has your day been?

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