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Re: A new start (kind of)

@Hamsolo01  Hi Hamsolo01 and good morning have a good week looking forward to all your news when you come back online. Certainly sounds all very positive. Take good care of yourself. Love greenpea xxxx

Re: A new start (kind of)

hi @Hamsolo01 good luck with all your endevours this week, sounds awesome. Look forward to seeing you back when you feel like it Smiley Happy

Re: A new start (kind of)

hi @TAB how are you travelling today, did you end up going back to work?

Re: A new start (kind of)

Hi @BryanaCamp thanks for asking. Yes it was ok thanks easy day feel silly about messy thinking now

Re: A new start (kind of)

Hi forumites @TAB @BryanaCamp @greenpea @Shaz51 @BlueBay @Zoe7 @outlander @oceangirl @Appleblossom @Faith-and-Hope

I'm back after a small break.

I had my interview on Tuesday and it went well I thought. I was thinking about it recently as to whether or not I should take up the offer if it was made to me - even though it's not in an area I want to pursue it might be good for me in about every other way possible. I sure do hate job applications. The alternative will be to take up a job as a peer support worker part time. That's if I get the offer of course but it could be a while.. Watch this space I guess.

I saw my psych yesterday too and he was suitably impressed with the progress I'd made. We spoke about how I can stave off problems if they come back in the future (specifically if I don't have a job and I am back to where I was).

I've been reading my book a bit more too which I am happy with. Haven't been the gym this week as I've been focusing on intern applications. Submitted one today and then tomorrow a much larger one. Just trying to take it easy today.

I also took care of my neighbour's doggo because he was moaning on yesterday. I have made a friend with him it seems lol.

Anyway. I hope you are all going okay and well of late in whatever it is you are doing and focusing on.

Been a busy little ham over here.

Re: A new start (kind of)

you have been a good and busy @Hamsolo01  Heart

Re: A new start (kind of)

Good to have you back @Hamsolo01 Smiley Very Happy

Re: A new start (kind of)

Hey hey Shazo. How are you doing my awesome friend @Shaz51

How's school?

Re: A new start (kind of)

Just worte about school on ANC @Hamsolo01 

Re: A new start (kind of)

doing ok @Hamsolo01 

not much work as it has been raining non stop here

hello my @Zoe7 , @TAB , @BryanaCamp , @greenpea 

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