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Re: A new start (kind of)

I just feel sorry for myself at times. Just sad and upset.

Re: A new start (kind of)

dont give it oxygen @Hamsolo01  Get to sleep Go to work Buy Big 
Macs lol

Re: A new start (kind of)

what a nice post @Meowmy  @Hamsolo01 

Re: A new start (kind of)

It becomes a slippery slope when we do that constantly @Hamsolo01 It is quite okay to feel that way sometimes - we all have down days whether we are dealing with a MI or not - the trick is to allow ourselves to appreciate the good we have as well and balance life out with the here and now as well as future goals. They don't need to be big ones - mine is getting back to the beach with Toby when the weather improves. It is a little thing in the scheme of things but a massive step for me. I stopped going because my anxiety was too high being around people. Since then I have returned to work and am around people everyday so the next step is the beach. Small things but major wins.

Re: A new start (kind of)

Only 1 or 2 @Hamsolo01 They are few & far between.

I've been in the same place for 17 years @TAB

No plans on moving, even though the neighbours are terrible - extremely loud (noisy) & disrespectful.

I moved 10 times (at least), in the 10 years before that.

Moving often is too stressful.


Re: A new start (kind of)

I was in hell hole re neighbours for 8 years @Adge , also did boarding in 30s which was a disaster then when in well paid work spent a fortune on motels and holiday accom when not at work ha i really didnt want to commit @Hamsolo01 

Re: A new start (kind of)

Thanks for sharing and chatting @Zoe7 @Adge @Meowmy @TAB

There is a loneliness epidemic these days. I am a big believer in being nice to strangers. Or salespeople on the street. I won't buy their stuff but I'll have a chat to them anyway. It's not the nicest thing putting up with people.

Re: A new start (kind of)


Hamza my friend I don’t like seeing you feel sad and lonely. Don’t forget all your friends on here. Hugs xxx

Re: A new start (kind of)

I am much the same @Hamsolo01 but tend to avoid social situations if I can mostly. There wasa time that I was much more social - would do things, talk to anyone and not think twice about who it was. I have certainly gone into my shell more as I have got older - and that is nothing to do with age itself but more experiences and a greater sense of what I actually want/need in my life. It is easier being on one's own and whilst most will say we need human connections - how we achieve that is different for everyone. I have those connections through work and of course through here but I also value my space, my security and safety of home. There are different priorities in my life now and way down the list are needing or even wanting too many people around me. This is something that my pdoc and psych have challenged me on many times but I always stay the same in my views - we don't all need to be social animals to have fulfillment in life ...I have had that and there were times that I was happy but also times I was not - it is very much dependent on what you want. 

Re: A new start (kind of)

Thanks @BlueBay
You are a good friend Smiley Happy

Forumites are great people here. We are always supportive. Smiley Happy

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