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Senior Contributor

And then the sun will rise... I promise you...

Heya Gang...

Its been a while, but Hello! *waves*

I just thought after my last post a while ago now... I should probably share some more postive news... so after "Enter the darkeness..." here we are, In the sun again. 

For those of you who havent seen any of my posts... I am a 30 year old full time professional... who happens to love a 30 year old full time BiPolar Bear! He is my world... even when he is being... difficult. 

In December of 2017, he had a full psychotic episode, it was his first after several rounds of suicidal depression, then mania, then depression... then normallacy... and I have to say I was surprised and didnt actually know what to do when faced with the completely irrational thoughts of my highly intellegent and usually compassionate man. We had Police, and Ambo's, 2 trips to hospital and eventually... an outcome... which is what I want to share with you. 

7 years... thats how long we have been on this merry go round... S-E-V-E-N Years... of medication changes, therapy approachs.. ups... downs... and all manner of things inbetween. But finally... we appear to have found the one medication that keeps him level... that allows him to process things in a managable form... that allows him to look at his beliefs (with his Psych of course) and begin to heal his tormented past. 

We still have so far to go... and I think that we will live on our merry go round for the rest of our lives... but thats ok... becasue we have found a place where the ups and downs are not so severe... where healing can begin... and where we can just... be... 

So as hard as it seems at times... as horrific as the process is for trialling and changing meds... as challenging as the hunt for that one professional is who will be the difference... it can be done... i promise you... the sun will rise... and you and your loved ones, can be ok. 

Dont lose hope, keep talking... and take care of yourself above all other things...




Re: And then the sun will rise... I promise you...

Heelllooooo @Tiggeroo
So lovely to hear from you and that things have settled for your bipolar bear and that you can breathe a sigh of relief.

Re: And then the sun will rise... I promise you...

I love the idea of your BiPolar bear. @Tiggeroo I have one too. He is my son.  Thanks for your optimism.


Re: And then the sun will rise... I promise you...

@Tiggeroo is this the med that you mentioned that took weeks to work and if so was he able to go off all other meds? I know you were worried about this.

Re: And then the sun will rise... I promise you...

Hi @Tiggeroo nice to see you again 💓 im glad things are going better for you

Re: And then the sun will rise... I promise you...

Thanks Guys,

Yes @Darcy this is the mood stabiliser we had to slowly increase over 3 months... it was so slow to take effect, probably because initially the dosage was so low. By February 2018, he had started the full dose he is on now. 

He doesnt take any other stabilisers and this one doesnt give him any "zombie" like attributes the others did. No Brain fog, no nausea... nothing! He splits the dosage, half morning and half evening and even he notices if he has forgotten to take it in the early evening which is great because i dont even need to ask now! He is up early (well for him) in the mornings, and off walking the dogs around the time i am heading out to work... which is... just incredible! 

I know it is very hit or miss on its effectiveness by individuals, but for us, it has been fantastic!

He is still taking the (AD) at night, but it isnt a true AD and is helpful to regulate sleep so for the meantime it is going to stay.

Wouldnt it be amazing if one day, they could just look at us, or test us somehow and know which meds were going to be effective and which werent without the trial and error in the middle!  



Re: And then the sun will rise... I promise you...

Hey @Tiggeroo

Would you be able to edit your post. We arent allowed to meantion the name of medications on the type (AD etc) 😊

Sounds like your both going well. Really great to hear xox

Re: And then the sun will rise... I promise you...

That is wonderful news Tigz, I could 'hear' the worry in your posts when you said there was a med change and I felt so much for you.

On a lighter note, how are your dogs going and do you still have dreadlocks?

Re: And then the sun will rise... I promise you...

Thanks @Darcy,

Dogs "The Germs" are michevious as ever but happy. It is amazing how they respond to Bipolar Bear often picking up his moods before we do. He is trying to trust them a little more about when it may be time to just relax, or be more cautious about his mood. 

Dreads are also still here! I had to chop them a bit as they were just getting too long for a "work bun" and the bun was getting bigger than my actual head haha! I trimmed about 8 inches off and the weight is much friendlier on my neck!

How are things with you?

Re: And then the sun will rise... I promise you...

 @Tiggeroo 😀😀😀


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