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New Contributor




I'm new to this so am learning as I go.  I have Bipolar and I am wondering if there is anyone else out there who can relate?  Unfortunately I struggle more with depressive episodes than I do with manic episodes, though I'd much rather be manic than depressed!!  Can anyone else relate to this??

Senior Contributor

Re: Bipolar

Hi ROC, welcome to the group.

I have bipolar, definitely had more depressive episodes over the years and definitely prefer the manic.  I was treated for depression since childhood before someone finally asked the right questions and I got the right treatment and medication.  

Re: Bipolar

Sounds much like my story ... Treated with Major Depressive Disorder before being correctly diagnosed after the right questions were asked.  Still having meds juggled around.  I'm currently finding it really difficult to cope.  I recently spent 6 weeks in hospital as a result of a major depressive episode.  Unfortunately I also have bad anxiety to add to the mix.  I feel like I have no control over my life these days.  It's so frustrating dealing with the mood swings, but particularly difficult dealing with the depressive episodes.  I worry about the affect it will  have on my son.

Senior Contributor

Re: Bipolar

I think a lot of us are in the wrongly diagnosed bucket. Funnily enough it was when I got a new doctor who decided my anxiety was more in need of treatment than my depression that things started to change. I'm currently in what I calk the holding pattern awaiting a visit to the psychiatrist to alter meds. I don't miss the swings but I hate the flatline feeling.
I think ultimately think it was how my moods were affecting my kids that gave me the push I needed to get myself in check. My youngest son in particular is badly effected by my moods and has his own MI issues. I can't guide him when I'm swinging wildly lol
Casual Contributor

Re: Bipolar

Hi Roc and all,

       It's a funny thing in that I have a diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder, yet with mostly manic features. Not to say that I would rather be depressed, rather I would prefer to be stable, yet with my mania I am constantly risking my reputation due to the manic episodes and they way they present. 

I'm from a small town and am essentially an outcast. Others around here have or have had depression, so could relate to that feature, yet my mania has essentially had people see me as "insane". It's one of those things that seems like it's hard to win. 

Just thought I'd give the manic perspective (think running around naked, speaking to myself, acting 'odd' and calling out in public when unwell) Smiley Tongue

Senior Contributor

Re: Bipolar

Around my neighbourhood you would be the "sane" one wisea :-p  

I guess I'm fortunate that my manic periods tend to involve less naked pursuits.  I think I more resemble an overzealous energiser bunny on a mission to complete every conceivable task, and some less than conceivable ones in a short space of time. 

Re: Bipolar

Lol. My community is at a population of 109 people in my immediate town, there are some really "eccentric" people out here. I always find it odd that I am the "nut job". Pfft, their loss ;-) 

Re: Bipolar

I hear ya !
Senior Contributor

Re: Bipolar

I much prefer my manic episodes I used to self medicate to jeep in those moments for long periods of time not a good idea end up I would get mefa depressed about the stuff that I shouldn't have done while up I am still working out exactly where I am but am learning and relearning things about myself I didn't know or had forgotten
welcome to the forums hipe to see you around more

Re: Bipolar


Yes, i have a diagnosis of Bipolar Type II. I am mostly in the low end of things in a depressive state. Or at least i was. I look forward to my short highs were i can do amazing things and i am on top of the world. Bipolar Type II is a lot like Major Depressive Disorder.

In most cases our Highs are not to extreme and its or depression or low moods that need to be adjusted. But we still have highs and they are in no way "normal" lol i have only recently began to know what normal even is.

You will find that many people with type 1 Bipolar diagnoses will downplay what we have, and even suggest it is a wrong diagnosis. This is really just based on how they feel about their highs and how bad it can get for them. Most people with type 1 fear the extreme lows and highs as it can get really bad for them.

For me, i seek out the high and ways to bring it on, or i used to. Now i have a diagnosis i take medications and i try to keep a balance. As really it’s the highs that make us crash so low.

I have had treatment now for around 2mths and i am feeling more balanced than i have in years. Its still there, that sadness but its not overwhelming me. Although my highs have been a little more intense with my medications.

Its all trial and error, try different medications, lifestyle changes eventually a balance will be found that will work for you. !

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