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Re: Dark Skies

@Wanderer, sometimes it is good to talk about it my friend HeartHeart

how are you today xx

Re: Dark Skies

Hello @Shaz51 


Today was better, though I still feel physically weak and out of place.

I rang my help line the other day and they helped me out a lot.

My head feels kinda strange like a headache but different.

I guess kinda like being drunk but unpleasant. Way too much anxiety.


A lot happening and not happening.


Thank you,

Hope things are going ok for you. HeartHeart


Re: Dark Skies

hello @Wanderer , are you ok my friend

have not heard from you for a while Heart

Re: Dark Skies

Hello @Shaz51 


Thanks for catching up.


Am still in limbo with farm and divorce settlement. Spend most days waiting, looking out the window, uncertain of the future. Not doing well at all, but hoping time will bring change.

Can't walk much now.


Spent the weekend in Hobart with my daughter. We stayed at my oldest son and his wife's place. Was a good break, we had fun.


Have been watching the forum occasionally but my memory just isn't good enough to keep track of everyone and remember conversations.


Again thanks for the call.

Re: Dark Skies

great to hear from you my friend @Wanderer 

Glad to hear you had a good time at your  oldest son and his wife's place Heart

Is it back to school again tomorrow xx

Re: Dark Skies

Hello @Shaz51 


School on Tuesday.


Son's house is brand new and they are doing well, was good to spend time with them.

Hoping to do so more often now.


Still dealing with teenager syndrome, seem to be muddling through though.


How are you going?

Hope you are getting a break and doing ok.



Re: Dark Skies

helllo @Wanderer  Heart

hope everything is going ok , sending you and your daughter hugs Heart

Re: Dark Skies

Thanks @Shaz51 


We are doing ok at the moment but been through a fairly rough patch.


My anxiety, depression and stress are settling a little, my physical pain is increasing.

My focus and concentration for now seem to have vanished.


Time is the only thing that might help; with the mh issues any way.


Thank you for your support.

I say little now because some things can't be fixed.



Re: Dark Skies

soo good to hear from you @Wanderer 

sorry to hear that your  physical pain is increasing.

I hope you feel a bit better soon my friend

do you have any hobbies or things that you are interested in

@Hamsolo01, @frog , @TAB 

Re: Dark Skies



Still focused on selling the farm and finalising other issues.


Am trying to get back to writing my book again, doing a lot of editing now with a good editing software programme.


Any attempt at concentration though makes me very tired, very quickly, but I should be able to work through it.


My mobility has been reduced quiet a bit, so when we finally get a new home I will probably take up writing full time.


Wishing you all happiness on the forum as well.



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