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Senior Contributor

Deep emotional pains

Hi @outlander @CheerBear  and everyone. I experience deep emotional pains in relation to my childhood under the thumb of my father and his demanding control of my young adult life, that I missed significant opportunities to life happinesses.


In the past, the intense pains sent me so emotional and distressed that I stopped my medication and became very sick over and over again.I had fifteen admissions in ten years.


Now I realize I have to deal with that in order to live without admissions.


I hope to find support, compassions from everyone and we can help each other in dealing with our deep issues.

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Re: Deep emotional pains

Hey @Meowmy. It's nice to see you again 🙂

Sounds like you've been through a lot in your life. Intense and deep pain can be so difficult to manage and something that many of us struggle with at times. It's great to hear you've reached a place where you seem ready and determined to get through it in a way that's perhaps more healthy than it has been in the past.

Interested in hearing what kinds of things you find helpful, if you'd like to share.

I love the forum for the support and compassion that oozes here 😊 I hope you find that also. It's sometimes a bit tricky to make your way around to start with, but it's a pretty welcoming and understanding space so please jump in anywhere and say hi.

Looking forward to seeing you around 🙂

Re: Deep emotional pains

Just a thought @Meowmy - maybe this thread would be better moved into an area where others will see it (this section isn't showing on the latest posts or discussions feed at the moment). I'll tag @Lauz, @nashy and @s-jay who might be able to move it, unless another moderator can?

Re: Deep emotional pains

Hi there @Meowmy  and @CheerBear  Smiley Happy


Thank you for sharing this with us @Meowmy, I'm sure it's not easy to speak so openly about emotional pain from your childhood.


I am glad that you have connected with @CheerBear here. I do agree with what @CheerBear  raised in regards to your post not getting seen by other forum members. As such, I will move it for you to another area where you are more likely to get others to see it. it would be great for you to connect with other members and feel supported.


Thank you @CheerBear for bringing this to our attention Smiley Very Happy

Re: Deep emotional pains

@CheerBear @Rockpool thanks for care. I am glad I joined the forum. I do find it difficult day to day. I usually wake to thoughts of all the losses and pains, it’s good to hear from people in the forum to give me a lift.


I live with an elderly mother who has a lot of needs and often request support.


I find it helpful sometimes to read prayers.

Re: Deep emotional pains

The forum can be great for giving a lift @Meowmy. Have you had much of a look around? There are some really nice feel good threads around 🙂

It's not the same but I have littler people who have a lot of needs and can require quite a bit of support. I find it difficult sometimes to juggle caring for myself and others.

It's nice to hear prayers help you 🙂

Re: Deep emotional pains

@Rockpool @CheerBear @outlander @greenpea @Hamsolo01 @Shaz51 @eudemonism @TAB @satunzoon @starflame 

Thanks all for support and care. I visited the most painful places of my memory, felt helpless, extreme pain and sadness. I sat there for a while, read some prayers.

i walked around, had coffee, felt a lot better.


I contacted friends from twenty five years ago and had a bit of caring response.

My anxiety didn’t flare. My sadness ok.

I think I healed up a bit.





Re: Deep emotional pains

take care of yourself @Meowmy at times like these we risk being our worst enemy when we feel this bad. Just remember to go easy on yourself

Re: Deep emotional pains

Re: Deep emotional pains

hugs @Meowmy  HeartHeart

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