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Re: Deep emotional pains

@Meowmy @outlander 

@Hamsolo01 @CheerBear 


Yes... deep emotional pain is something i can relate to... a sense of helplessness... a sense of something being wrong... a sense of needing comfort and sympathy... a sense of desperately searching but finding nothing...

Re: Deep emotional pains

@eudemonism @Hamsolo01 @CheerBear @Shaz51  I contacted the boy who I was close to at Uni ,almost married him, then was made apart by my father. He was initially warm, then didn’t reply when I texted him to get together with other Uni friends. He is now married with children.

I feel sharp pain. I feel very empty. I feel extremely sad. I can’t see meaning in anything. Hope these feelings will pass. Hope I will find meaningful living now my father is dead and I am in my fifties already.


Thanks for support. It really is important.



Re: Deep emotional pains

Deep pains can be very hard to deal with @eudemonism  at least we have forum friends to help guide us along



Hey @Meowmy  im sorry your feeling this pain esp after messenging someone. I can relate well to loss. Can you do something to ease how your feeling atm? Is there something that your passionate about?

Re: Deep emotional pains

hey @eudemonism @Meowmy

Deep pain from the past, memories and suppressed things are always tough. Last week at my temp job I all of a sudden remembered a time when I was in high school and someone got annoyed at me because I wasn't rolling up electrical cords properly. The reason I remembered is because of the task I was doing on the day - the exact same thing. This memory was from over 6 years ago. Weird how that happens.

It's not deep or afflicting, but it's the best example of something that I thought I moved on from and forgot.

Take it easy on yourselves please.

I sometimes think that the best way we can be kinder to ourselves is just accepting what is. I'm not sure what to say though

Hey @outlander how's it going?

Re: Deep emotional pains

@Hamsolo01 @outlander @eudemonism 


Thanks for care. It’s so helpful. This separation from my Uni friends and the boy I was close to, was exactly when my mental illness started. My father became more controlling than ever, I probably was getting unwell as well, so I was swept away from the normal lives and my friends.

That took twenty five years.

 I feel I have to deal with this loss, so the powerful emotions and distress don’t take me to psychosis and hospitals again.


The boy I was close to,even though caring, kind and gentle, he may had found me too smart that he wanted a more traditional woman as wife.


It is very painful at the moment. But I hope going through this will prevent unpredictable bouts of severe anxiety and depression in the future.


Thanks guys, you are so good.



Re: Deep emotional pains

@outlander @Hamsolo01 @ thanks for care. I have come to accept my life as it is and go on living as best I can.

Re: Deep emotional pains

have you got supports @Meowmy
do you think it might be worth chatting to a psych about how these feelings are affecting you at all or help prevent you to getting to that point you were before?

Re: Deep emotional pains

That's okay @Meowmy
Take care of yourself and be easy

Re: Deep emotional pains

Re: Deep emotional pains

Might be better of letting it go @Meowmy

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