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Re: Eating Disorder, Personality Disorder - Need a shoulder ......

Thanks for checking in on me @outlander.  


I am upset for Zoe7 of course (only not tagging her properly as she has said she can’t respond across the forums).  I hope she recovers quickly, but it was quite a blow.  I think I would be feeling the way she is too  😔 and would probably take time out from the forums.


I will be a bit quieter around here for now too ..... needing self-care.


My D3 helped me sort out the error I was making with Photoshop, and I have another major essay due .... so I will be busy with that tonight and tomorrow.

Re: Eating Disorder, Personality Disorder - Need a shoulder ......

not sure what has being happening during the week @Faith-and-Hope  as I was away

hugs and thinking lots of zoe7 HeartHeart

Re: Eating Disorder, Personality Disorder - Need a shoulder ......

im worried for our forum friend too @Faith-and-Hope i wanted to check on you though as i know you 2 are very close. i hope she recovers quickly too but understand she needs some time away. will send her and you some extra healing vibes from here, hope it helps a little bit too Heart
im here for you as well if you need a shoulder or to talk about anything. Just tag me xo

im glad youve got the photoshop up and running now, im sure youll have it done in no time. oh gosh and a major essay too! your going to be be pretty busy then hey

Re: Eating Disorder, Personality Disorder - Need a shoulder ......

sitting with you @Faith-and-Hope  HeartHeart

Re: Eating Disorder, Personality Disorder - Need a shoulder ......

Thanks @outlander @Shaz51 


You will find it in ANC thread @Shaz51 .

Re: Eating Disorder, Personality Disorder - Need a shoulder ......

thanks @Faith-and-Hope , I saw it xxxx


Re: Need a shoulder ...

Re: Need a shoulder ...

Thank you @outlander 💐💕

Re: Need a shoulder ...

Can’t help but feel really 💩tty about events of today @Faith-and-Hope . I’ve had a very big urge to give you a huge hug. There is so much going on for you just now. 



ive also had the urge to give @Appleblossom one just for being you and someone I have huge respect for and I sometimes don’t tell you that enough. 



for anyone else reading there are more hugs incoming, we all need some love


954915C1-AC5B-4ACC-A4C0-454E622386D2.jpegBear hug for anyone needing one.





Re: Need a shoulder ...

Big hugs to you too @Teej.  


It’s @Zoe7  I feel so badly for.  She so didn’t deserve that, and was in such a compassionate, vulnerable position, with nowhere to go, and yet she care back with a fully compassionate response.  If that had started a dialongue, and an apology, and the opportunity to talk it out, things might have been a bit better, but there was nothing ..... a tirade and then a walk away.


Perhaps I left it too long to respond.  I didn’t want to take away Zoe7’s voice by presuming on what she would or wouldn’t want said, but when there was a continued lack of response to her post, I posted, talking directly to Zoe7 instead, expressing how wrong I knew the accusation had been.


I am so upset for her ..... I wish it had been me on the receiving end of it, and I might have known what to do ...... so aaaaagh !!!! 


Please take good good care of yourself now, y’hear ?  I k ow all your chameleon senses will be firing off too, but the best thing we can do for Zoe7 is to stand united and try to contain the backwash ..... so it limits the collateral damage, showing that this behaviour is not okay.


Zoe7’s comment tonight might have opened dialogue between others on that thread now, which is a second chance for them to talk about the effect it has had, as Zoe7 did.

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