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Re: Need a shoulder ...

Yeah @Darcy .  I have some awesome friends ..... irl and on the forums .... ❣️

Re: Eating Disorder - Need a shoulder ...


Checking in to see how you are  going.

Re: Eating Disorder - Need a shoulder ...

Hi @Darcy 


All quiet on the eastern front at the moment, but then hubby came home last night from the west ..... we have been shops in the night for a couple of weeks, but my baby dragon in the West is recovering nicely, or he would have stayed longer this time.


Very heartsore for a forum friend who is suffering greatly right now ...... 😔

Re: Eating Disorder - Need a shoulder ...


So good to hear your bd is recovering well.

Love and hugs to our special forum friend who is clearly suffering so badly right now.


Sherry 💕💕

Re: Eating Disorder - Need a shoulder ...

Hi @Sherry.


I know you understand.


I am totally gobsmacked, but felt she handled the situation  with the grace and dignity we know her for ..... but my concern is that she was already struggling and had said so 😢😔.  



Re: Eating Disorder - Need a shoulder ...

Yes axactly @Faith-and-Hope 

I feel so sad and upset for her right now. She soooo ... did not deserve the blast she got. It was so far off the mark, I was totally bewildered, and could not see how the misunderstanding occurred in the first place. But I guess thats the thing with our MIs, it can make us hypersensitive and see things which are not really there. But yes, she handled her response beautifully, sensitively and in a timely manner, to quickly defuse a situation which had the potential to escalate.

And very true .. That is my concern too .. I know she was already struggling with other stuff. 😢


Do you know if anyone from Sane is supporting her right now? If they are not, then they should.


Sherry 💕💕


Re: Eating Disorder - Need a shoulder ...

I flagged them @Sherry, so I hope so.  Yes, haven’t seen that sort of “out of a blue sky” response for a while, but I have learned from other times to allow a pause before addressing it in some way, or it can rapidly escalate.  I had to read it several times though, because my brain was having trouble taking it in.


Thank you for hearing me here, and you too @Darcy ..... I am still reeling over it, and I am not the one it was directed at.  

Re: Eating Disorder - Need a shoulder ...

Good morning @Faith-and-Hope  and @Sherry  


Lovely to hear BD recovering well. Hoping the Eastern front remains calm. 


When forum friends struggle = 😔.  


Woke up early to stillness, drifting off again, silence broken by kookaburra laughter;  morning bird song has begun.

Re: Eating Disorder - Need a shoulder ...

I miss morning birdsong.  I have morning traffic instead now..... 😔


But I also have art.

Re: Eating Disorder, Personality Disorder - Need a shoulder ......

hi @Faith-and-Hope
i just wanted to check in on you tonight to see how your going?

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