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Re: Extreme heat and MI/Mood

Me too @Queenie I find the heat the pits.

I use a water spray bottle - cheap from supermarket. I take it in the car to mist. Also use it when doing hot jobs like cooking, ironing etc. I spray in the air and let the mist cool my face. We have 2 months more of very hot/heatwave conditions and it's demoralising.

Hi @utopia @outlander @Darcy Darcy that graphic is spot on Smiley Frustrated

Re: Extreme heat and MI/Mood

Funny you mentioned about the mist @frog, Mrs gave one of those mist fan thingos to everyone for Christmas. I'm just not sure where mine went. I'll probably steal hers!

Re: Extreme heat and MI/Mood



images (382).jpeg



Re: Extreme heat and MI/Mood

When heat is too much it reminds me of failure ie what did I do that I cant live somewhere with decent aircon. Sorry for sounding negative. My aircon atm is ok .. to a point.. had worse situations in the past I guess. I put damp cloths in freezer then re wet them and put on pulse points, back of neck etc dunno what would do without $15 kmart fan , gives rooftop evap bit extra when needed

Re: Extreme heat and MI/Mood

A solar powered hat-fan might yet be the newest fashion trend. Built in or clip on models available.

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Re: Extreme heat and MI/Mood

Hellllllllo My @frog, @Queenie, @Darcy, @TAB, @utopia xxxx

Re: Extreme heat and MI/Mood

Hello @Shaz51. Slightly cooler here today 36. Instead of the 44 yesterday.  But I really am over this heat. 

How are you coping up north? 

Re: Extreme heat and MI/Mood

Hi all struggling with the heat

@utopia @Queenie @Shaz51 @Darcy @TAB

woke up tired and headachy. 

Going into the fourth day of 40 plus

I know I'm a frog, but

Image result for too hot

Re: Extreme heat and MI/Mood

oh dear @frog ..feeling a bit guilty here, only 33 here today, but will be going back up again shortly ..perhaps more lilypad/pond time?

Re: Extreme heat and MI/Mood

I hate the heat @frog we had a 40 degree heat day the other day and the rest have been high 30s. The humidity here awful where its says 30 on the temp it feels more like 35 already let along when it gets hotter.

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