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New Contributor

Hi folks.

Just to introduce myself, as I'm new here.

Having struggled with Depression, Anxiety, a Personality Disorder and Suicidal Ideation for a number of years now, and now living on the DSP for some 3+ years things were settling down to a degree.

One of my children contacted me in a degree of distress and asked to move in with me.

I now find myself 'going backwards' due to trying to support my young adult child who is struggling with their own Depression, Anxiety, BPD and Gender Identity.

I love them dearly but am seriously struggling to cope.

Recently I had an episode whereby dark and dangerous 'to myself' thoughts began to take shape once again.

Fortunately I had already resumed sessions with a Psychologist due to the stress I've been experiencing.

It's helped but I'm not out of the woods yet.

But I am worried, very worried for myself from the point of view that this is having a detrimental effect on my ability to support them.

Also that should things go pear shaped, given I'm seeing my Psychologist, that he might see fit to justifiably have me admitted for a period of time.

It's a dilemma.

I need to care for myself, which I'm losing a grip on, in order to care for the 'billy lid'.

As it's my first post I sincerely hope nothing I've mentioned goes against any guidelines.

If so I apologise.

Bye for now.


Re: Hi folks.

Hi @LinuxUser and welcome to the forum. Sorry to hear that things are tough at the moment. 


It can be really hard when you have to look after yourself and look after another. I live with MH challenges and am sole carer of my kids. I find there are times when it can be a real struggle to balance their needs and mine. It can feel like huge pressure knowing I need to look after myself to be able to look after them, but not being able to juggle it all. When I feel overwhelmed my thoughts can turn quite dark and twisty too. 


It's great you have your psychologist and that it's helped a little. How would you feel if your psychologist did ask for you to be admitted for a while? Is that something that could help? I find it hugely helpful to take some respite, but almost impossible to actually do given there isn't really anyone else to take over. It is a dilemma.


Have you checked out the Carers forum? You might like to say hi over there also as there are heaps of people who care for their loved ones who might be able to offer some support too. I'll tag a few of our carers who might come by and say hi @outlander, @Shaz51 and @Faith-and-Hope .


It's great to see you here. I find it helps me to be here around others who understand how tricky it can get. I hope you find it helpful to be here too.

Re: Hi folks.

Hi @LinuxUser and welcome to the forums Smiley Happy  


Nice to meet you.


It sounds like you are on the right track and doing the right thing for yourself and 'billy lid'. 


Thanks for sharing what you are going through, it takes courage to be so open and honest.  I hope you can continue to talk to your psychologist and they are able to assist you further.  Its definitely a struggle a lot of us here can understand to some degree.


I thought you might find this thread helpful - Coping Box 


Feel free to @ tag me by typing the @ and picking or typing my name in.  


Re: Hi folks.

Hi @LinuxUser and welcome to the forums 👋


I originate from the Carer’s side of the forums, and you are welcome there too.  We have carers who have mental health challenges of their own, along with caring for others, or are self-carers, managing life on their own, with is another way of being both a carer and a lived experience person ..... you have to think like a carer to manage solo living with mi.  


We learn from each other here,   Good to meet you.

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