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Re: Introduce yourself here

Hey there @Anne55  Nashy here I am one of the Community Manager's on the forums Smiley Happy I am going to send you an e-mail today, keep an eye on your inbox Heart Speak soon.

Re: Introduce yourself here

Hi I'm a mum of a 38yo currently the diagnosis of BPD.  Her appointment with the Psychiatrist is coming up.  


I work full-time, drive over 1.5hrs each way to work

I am trying to complete a post' grad degree in Professional Accounting, parttime online which will be complete in just 2 months.

Feeling a little overwhelmed as to how to fit things in and not feel like a bad mum for not having more time, right now.

Re: Introduce yourself here

Hi Nashy I have your email much appreciated Anne55

Tough love for 25 year old son?

Hi I am at my wits end , my adult son has smoked weed for the majority of his adult life, we have done absolutely everything for him , most recently paid for a health retreat for his anxiety and depression, addiction.


he has left his job and does nothing around the house,  I would love to throw all his stuff on the driveway but I am terrified he might hurt himself due to his inability to cope with life when it is hard ,  he is on antidepressants and has endless medical help.


has anyone done tough love and did it work?

Re: Tough love for 25 year old son?

Hi Toughlove

I would like to respond to you as I can see your doing it really tough

Unfortunately every time I respond to a post I receive anemail to recorrect it so it doesn't seem to matter how I respond I am treated like a scolded child!!! So I am going to find a more supportive site but hey good luck 

Re: Tough love for 25 year old son?

Hi @Anne55 .
Nice to see you here welcoming a new member and offering some support to @Adultson. I can see that you've exchanged a few messages with @nashy who looked into some issues that you had with moderation of your posts. I'm sorry that it's been so tricky for you and that you felt you had been scolded. It sounds like you might want to take a break for a while but I really encourage you to send an email to if there's anything further that we can do to help sort this issue for you. Take care,

Re: Tough love for 25 year old son?

Hi @Anne55 @Adultson @WorknStudyMum 


I am just swinging past to say hi, and welcome

to the forums (I think I have spoken to you previously @Anne55 ?)


This weekend just gone I had my married kids come to visit, and along with the ones still under our roof, that was “interesting”.  


Although my kids are struggljng hwre and there, our main issue is with my hubby who doesn’t recognise that he is unwell.


My energy levels are low feom the last few days, so I won’t stay around just now, but I look forward to catching up with you, and @Anne55, ai hope

you stay.  It is a lovely, caring community here, and we would like to get to know you and help support you.


🌷 F&H

Re: Introduce yourself here

This resonated with me, ”creating and upholding boundaries about acceptable language and behaviour, abuse in any form, and personal safety.”


Two years ago, unbeknown to us, in the space of six weeks my daughter wanted to end her life, Her first attempt,....If it wasn’t for some alert teenagers that happened to be out late that night and supported her in her distressed state, she would have succeeded. Second time, and yes, now we had confirmation of his abusive ways, (12 years of denials, “I love her so much”)..  he starts into her again, which led her to attempting suicide again, who wouldn’t, the ambulance paramedic said to us, loving hubby had called them, “she seems to have accidentally hurt herself”!!


“I don’t want to wake up” my daughter said to the paramedic. I would not let her go home after this, 3 weeks she stayed with us. Then, her decision, against advice, back to loving hubby, who was now a cowering former self. Why?……he’s been outed …


Update, ... my beautiful confidant daughter is back,(almost).


Why? the above councel and advice.


It won’t be over, she knows that as do we, but we are here to support her and our two grandsons and every victim of abuse needs to know they have support.” Update, today...he’s at it again! ...  sarcastic words, in my home! it won’t be over, she knows that , but to see her push back, reinforcing boundaries, it was a pleasing sight.

Re: Introduce yourself here

Hi everyone,

Our son was recently diagnosed with BPD following his 5th hospital admission after a suicide attempt.  Prior to this he was diagnosed with Asperger's, Major Depressive Disorder and Generalised Anxiety Disorder.  We are looking for a support worker and there are literally hundreds of them now online.  We are seeking someone who has understanding of the difficulties a person living with BPD and Asperger's experiences.  Any suggestions, advice, feedback would be appreciated.  

Three fun facts about me:

- i love to paint and draw

- i love the outdoors

- we have two cats

Thanks for listening 




Re: Introduce yourself here

Hey there @Norrie  thank you so much for sharing, and welcome. You are among a wonderful group here who share very similar experience Heart In terms of support worker if you keep an eye out for someone who has an understand of "DBT" or Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, this should assist. Also whilst you're new I would recommend you check out our community guidelines Smiley Happy Look forward to seeing you around the forum!

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