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Re: Introduce yourself here

Ningaloo Reef is on the list @NUGGET, so there's some envy here about your Broome trip Smiley LOL Where in South East Asia would you like to see? 

Re: Introduce yourself here

Hii! Hubby of 19 years has just been diagnosed as being bipolar. Its been a hard year and a half of not knowing why my hubby was being a horrid person to me. From the most loving sweet logical level headed man he turned into an angry short tempered man who isoalted himself within the house some weeks, was sad, cried, ignored the whole gammut of emotions. Blamed me for his horrid behavior even called me a narcissit. If ibhadnt had an amazing marriage for the last 18 yrs this year and half would have been our divorce year. Has been the worse thing Ive ever experienced. Saw him cry, tell the drs if it wasnt for his family and faith he would have ended his life. Initially psychiatrist put him on antidepressents which helped a little but on his most stressed out days didnt. And just a week ago was diagnose bipolar put on

Lithium and im too  afraid to even say hes doing so much better finally! Just needed somewhere where ppl understood this horrid mental state as no one gets it, they think he was just being an asshole.

Re: Introduce yourself here

hi @Newbie and welcome 👋

Re: Introduce yourself here

Hearing you @Newbie ..,....


My hubby “flipped out” ten years ago this year ..... had traits like this before, but nuthin’ like what he turned into ..... and it’s channeled itself into an eating disorder that he thinks is a you-beaut healthy lifestyle.  Heavily moderated, it would be.  It’s obviously serving a self-medicating purpose for whatever is underlying, but as yet none of it is diagnosed.  We live a rollercoaster that has flatter stretches on it these days if we leave him to his own devices and get in with life around him.  Trying to gain medical support, while he has no insight, was a further slap in the face.  They would only talk to me with my husband present ...... said husband being emotionally abusive whenever provoked, which would include spilling the beans on hidden behaviours he wants kept hidden, but charmingly smooth in front of doctors.


One of the biggest benefits of finding the forums was discovering that I am not alone.  I and others are here to walk along with you.  


Sooooo  glad you have a diagnosis 🎉, because along with it comes support and meds assistance.  We are still invisible.

Re: Introduce yourself here

Thank you so much! Yes hubby was eating like theres no tomorrow has gained easily 15kg in the last 9 months! Im lucky he was willing to see drs and psychs and now he feels these meds are balancing his extreme feelings hes happy to stay away from the negative devices he had resorted to to numb his extreme feelings! Im also lucky he put me as power lf attorney so i can do everything needed on his behalf. I feel like i need to go get couselling myself soon as I have a lot of bitterness about the things he said and did but the diagnosis def helped relieve a lot of that because it finally made sense!

Re: Introduce yourself here

Yeah @Newbie, I would recommend counselling.  I go periodically because this is a big deal to try to walk along with in isolation, and it is isolating.  Food-related and exercise behaviours take up most of his day, and now he flies across the country every half week with attachment issues to his mother.  Our youngest kids went wonky under our home pressure, and a psych sent us east for them to re-start uni studies over here ..... the other half of our kids are still in the west.  It sucks, but it is what it is.  


Counsellor support can help help sort out the knots that develop under the sort of extreme circumstances we are managing with as carers.  At the end of the day, the mental health issues belong to all of us in the family, no matter who the lived experience one is.  Carer burnout is a real thing.

Re: Introduce yourself here


I would love to see Cambodia and Thailand as a start.

Re: Introduce yourself here

Cambodia is supposed to be an incredible experience @NUGGET, that would be a great place to go 

Re: Introduce yourself here



Its been a while since I have used a forum but practising some self care!  I have primary school aged child who is ASD, ADHD and has just been discharged from her 3rd inpatient stay on a child med ward for an eating disorder. Its chaos and mayhem at the moment so hoping for some calm soon.


Three things:


- Love coffee

- Love reading

- Anchorman is my favourite movie



Re: Introduce yourself here

Hi @CoffeeandBooks and welcome to the forums 👋


Eating disorders are so hard to live with ..... I am sorry to hear you have been through so much with your daughter.


My husband has an undiagnosed eating disorder that is still masquerading as a set of healthy life choices. It’s a different dynamic as the husband and father, but it’s the same insidious illness.


I will tag you from a couple of different threads that you might find interesting.  Answer where and as you feel to, and please feel free to ask questions as you go along to help you find your way around.

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