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Just isolated

Hi to all the nice people here.


I guess there's nothing to tell. I thought I had all these issues to work through but in reality, I think all I need to do is 

to talk to people. I used to have all these problems but it's not like that anymore. I am however totally isolated both online and in the world so it's my intention to be a social creature while here.


Don't be afraid to say hi if you would like to.




Re: Introspection

I started this thread by accident and posted something I wasn't happy with. I have edited since then so I'm happy with it now. That's why @Lauz posted. I hadn't included any information on myself.


Re: Introspection

Hi @Late!

Welcome to the forums! Not a probelm about your post - its great you are here and posting. If you want to include a bit more about what is happening for you so others can help support that would be lovely? What is it that brought you to this wonderful space?


Great username as well! 

Re: Introspection

I am having trouble with accidentally pressing the post button before time. I am working at getting my story together for you.

Re: Introspection

I would not go out there into the darkness and not leave the light on! I thought that you would go crazy!

Re: Introspection

Hi @Lauz ,

I did try to boil myself down into something concise and say "this is me in a nutshell" but there is so much I have not been able to process until now. I think that what I have to offer will take some time to come forward. There is a lot to me, and a lot of it is of a personal nature so to blurt any of it would be foolish. I do want to find resolution on these things (that is communicate and share my ideas so that I won't be alone in the way I think) but it will take time. I will need help to offer information on myself and definitely need to take my time with this to avoid becoming defensive.

     I like the forum so far. I have done some exploring and like the overall aura of the space. It shows that a lot of good work has been done. It's very clear as well that there is much to go on with here and appreciate the welcome offered and the opportunity to contribute.

Re: Introspection

Hello @Late  and a big warm welcome to the Sane forums to you.


I also read your intro and subsequent conversation with our lovely @Zoe7  on the introduce yourself here thread.


So basically I just wanted to say hello to you and to congratulate you for being brave enough to join Sane. 


I will also reassure you that there is no pressure at all to disclose things about yourself, until you feel ready to do so. I know it can be very difficult to talk about ourselves, often about highly personal matters. So I do understand your initial reticence to talk openly.


But I hope you will soon come to realise that you are amongst friends here, and kind helpful people who understand. I will also add that it is a secure platform in which to talk, with all care taken by moderators and managers to ensure our anonymity.


I'm happy to talk any time you like. I too am quite isolated. I live in a rural area, have few friends, and no family nearby. To some extent I tend to self isolate as well, just to make matters worse. Part of that tendency is due to the PTSD I suffer from. 


I hope you are having a good evening? Do you have any pets or hobbies?


Sherry 😀

Re: Introspection

Hi @Sherry ,

It's great to have such a nice welcome from someone such as yourself. I have a lot that I have had to let go of over the years and am not as protective as I used to be. Once life was very precious but I have gotten used to it these days. I don't get as upset as I used to about little things. There's not really anything I need to worry about anymore. Life goes on and so do I and it's not as much of a surprise to me anyonger. I have seen what happens under the sun and it's all the same to me I'm afraid. I do not have any particular interests of my own. I think everything I once did enjoy has vanished to the people I care about. I don't really have anything that I can say is special to me anymore.


I was reluctant to share but I think I'm over that fear now and can relax with you all. I think I did not before what to expect. I thought it was all going to be "cutting edge" and room after room full of the world's "elite" people but isolation had me fearing the unknown. I don't bother too much about anything.


I do not have any pets courtesy of the ways of the running of the place. Thanks to the landlord that is. I don't really want to worry. I haven't kept any friends or pets but I have been keeping up with the world. I would not want to bother you too much. I have lost more of myself than I thought in terms of something I can't put my finger on. I don't know where I went. I guess it was the internet that got the best of me. I do not know what to tell you. I do not ask for anything and would not want to offend you. I hope that I can be back to my socially agile self in the morning but I don't know if that's going to happen. I think you may have already had the best of me...



Re: Introspection

Hi @Late .  I responded to your post on the 'introduce yourself here' thread, but it seems to have disappeared, along with yours.  Hopefully they will both turn up tomorrow.  Just wanted to let you know that I have read your post here and on the other thread ... and am not ignoring you.  I hope you get a good night's sleep and I will try to check in with you again in the morning.



Re: Introspection

Hi @Sherry ,

Don't let it worry you that you post disappeared. I'm very new here so just navigating the forum has me busy enough without needing to worry about who and who's not saying hello. Navigating the forum is not as easy as I'm sure it will be in days to come but I do hope you find what you posted. I've read of a few people who's posts have vanished. Haven't had that experience myself yet but it's still early days.

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