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Re: Life can be a Pain

So glad you have had that news @Dec You can relax a little now.

I am going to head off for the evening and try to get to sleep early. Goodnight Dec Heart

Re: Life can be a Pain

hi @Dec im really glad to hear your daughters surgury went well. i hope she recovers well.
Hugs, it wouldve been so stressful for you too and an anxious wait.

Re: Life can be a Pain

Thanks @outlander@Zoe7@BlueBay@Appleblossom@utopia


My daughter rang me around 10.15 pm and she sounded a bit groggy and husky but okay - the strain that has been in her voice lately has gone though I guess she has to recover


Seeing as she had to wait so long for her operation - she was sitting with her husband in the waiting room for 5 hours - I really think that is unnecessary actually - it's really hard sitting in a hard chair for hours waiting - I had this myself last year and %#*&++# (enough said)


Anyway - today is Friday and I am busy on Fridays and today is as usual - I hope to go and see her tomorrow - I am thinking I will send flowers again - she loved it the last time I sent flowers and I got the warm feeling inside myself - and hey - I still get it from the last time - I want more of that feeling so I will send more


I am so relieved - the last 10 days or so I have been feeling tired and not well and as if I have been dragging a heavy weight wherever I go - 


Thanks everyone for your support these last days - it has meant so much to me - 




flowers for thanks.pngflowers say so much


Re: Life can be a Pain

So glad you got to speak to your daughter last night @Dec.  you must have been relieved.

And flowers are always beautiful to received.  Great idea.  

Take care, i know you have been tired lately.  Heart


Re: Life can be a Pain

I think you are wonderful sending flowers @Dec - it is such a small gesture that means so much.

Glad to hear your daughter is doing ok despite the long wait yesterday - that would be such a huge relief for you Heart

Re: Life can be a Pain

I love sending flowers too @Zoe7@BlueBay


I'm sure I get as much pleasure as the person who receives them -


It was late before the got them - I hadn't heard anything - so I looked up the emails I had tracking the "parcel" and I could tell that they got to the hospital late but they still hadn't been sent around to the patients - so neat to have a parcel tracked like that - I rang the hospital and I had the name of the person who had signed for them and it was late before I got a text from my daughter but it was okay because I could track the parcel


What a great idea - I really like seeing the journey on the internet - I so love cyber-space and all it can tell us


And my daughter loved the flowers - I was going in to see her today but she is coming home tomorrow so I will see her at her place then - 


I feel so much better - I was really dragging my feet after the cat passed and until yesterday when I woke up feeling much improved


A tough week - I am so glad I could see the light at the end of the tunnel the whole time


And thanks ladiesHeartHeart




Re: Life can be a Pain

That is really good news that your daughter is going home tomorrow @Dec It soundss like the operation was a success and she is recovering well. Such a lovely thing that you could send the flowers and then track them as well Smiley Happy

I have been pottering around doing a little housework - going to get a load of washing on also before the day gets away from me too much - towels definitely need doing and it is great drying weather now - warm with a small breeze Smiley Very Happy

It is also so good that you are feeling a little better within yourself Dec - it hsa been a really tough week/months for you and when it is like that we need to find the joy in the smaller moments to help us get through. I know Companion Cat did that for you a lot though so now it is about finding other outlets for that comfort and joy. I hope seeing your daughter at her home when you do will help brings some light back into your life.

Re: Life can be a Pain

Hi @Zoe7@BlueBay@outlander@Appleblossom@utopia@Faith-and-Hope@TAB@Sophia1@Shaz51


I spoke to my daughter on the phone yesterday and she had just got home and sounded so  exhausted and buggered etc that I didn't go and see her - I know - I like to be left to myself when I am not well so it was better to let her alone and I hope to see her today


Though I was going to take lunch and I haven't heard anything yet and it could get later and later so I will text her soon - I understand her - and I know she can be touchy so I will wait and see - though I can't roast my chops or make more vegie soup until I know - still - wait and see.


I was sore yesterday - I fell off the bed during the night. Yes - I know - how did I manage that - I had gone to bed early - actually I was going to get up and have a shower but just thought I would read for a bit first and fell asleep - at least I took my shoes off.


And I was dreaming and then falling and woke up when I landed on the floor all tangled up in my blankie - with sore knees and really - a tight space between the bed and the bookcase - eeouch - at least the light was on and I was wearing my glasses - getting myself out of there was really tricky - I could have had some drama and set off my MEPACS alarm but I don't like that kind of fuss so I wriggled and swore and wriggled and swore and finally got untangled from my blankie and got my painkillers and my ice back and made sure I was in the middle of the bed with my blankie this time and went back to sleep


Work up sore everywhere - and took more medication - it was hours later - and went back to sleep and when I did get up moving around eased out all the creaks and groans and I was olay - I am still a bit stiff - but one thing that was good - when I got up yesterday I was still dressed - which was brilliant - something worked out


I am still wondering how I managed that but I am okay - I was having a vivid dream though blast!! - I can't remember what it was


I'm just about to text my daughter and see how she is - I hope  other people managed to stay on their beds and not fall off them




falling off the bed.jpgYeah - it does happenOkay guys - only I fell off a queen bed onto my face

Re: Life can be a Pain

Oh dear @Dec hope things get better and someone can check up on you. Old and alone can be hard. My father mentioned once before he got an alarm that it took him 2 days to crawl to phone. It’s awful. Hope it’s nothing serious

Re: Life can be a Pain

lol @Dec I did manange to stay on my bed and then slept on the couch for another couple of hours this morning - it is harder for me to fall off with a fluffball close by though. As funny as it is that you can't stay on your bed it is not funny that you actually fell off and hurt yourself. I do have images of you trying to unravel from your blankie though and how annoying that would have been for you to navigate. Glad that you are ok even though you are a bit sore - that could have been much worse for you Dec Smiley Surprised


I hope your daughter texts soon and you are able to visit her. I am much the same when I am sick - I don't like company - I prefer to sleep and get over the illness myself without any interruptions. I know people are well meaning but disturbed sleep is definitely not what I need when I am unwell. 


I have to leave a bit earlier today to get some photocopying done at work - hoping I can get it all done in about half an hour though - so will leave in about 15 minutes. Have to get my babies in from outside and pack my bag for the day. I did most of that last night but have a couple of things I orinted out this morning to add in. Hopefully the lesson and then the meeting afterwards goes ok today.


I will check in with you later today to see how you are travelling and if you have seen your daughter. Look after yourself Dec and rest up if you need it today to help with the healing of those bumps Heart

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