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Casual Contributor

Little intro

Hey everyone,

I'm kind of new on here. I was a member on here in the past but that was son's ago, I'm sure everyone and thing has changed on here since then.. ANYWAY, my diagnosis is BPD  but it has settled down a lot over recent yearsSmiley Happy I am here  in hopes of connecting with a couple of people. I love to socialise but unfortunately I don't get much of an opportunity to do so. So please, feel free to drop me a line, would love to hear from you!


Re: Little intro

Hi @LolaPunk , it's nice to have you back on the forums.  I have bipolar 2, was diagnosed last year after a breakdown and manic episode.  I've only been on the forums a few months so I'm not sure how much they have changed.  Maybe a little busier and I imagine some people have moved on while others like us have rocked up.


What are your interests and hobbies?  I'm a bit like you in that I like to socialise, but, find it challenging in the outside world.  I tend to work through the week and head bush on the weekends which doesn't leave much time to do much.


A quick tip is to put a @ in front of a name so they get a notification of your message like I did with you on the top line there.  Have a good day and hope to chat again soon.

Re: Little intro

Hi Gazza,

Nice to hear from you.

What do you mean by 'head bush'? Lol

I'm not too familiar with bipolar symptoms. I hope it's not giving you too much grief..


I'm in to creative, artistic type stuff. Writing , Singing, Acting..that kind of thingSmiley Happy 

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