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New Contributor

My wife has bulimia since the last 16 years

Hi everybody,


i am new to this forum and I’m just looking for some help and advice. 


My wife has had bulimia for the last 16 years and now is getting really worst as she’s becoming suicidal and she’s getting sick everyday and she passes out. 


We have have tried to reach for help many times but she’s always found a way to get off treatment and saying that nothing is working for her and there is no hope. She hates psychologist and she had some bad experiences with treatment seeing people that only gave her antidepressants and a lot of books to read and then disappeared after one or two sessions. 


Can an I ask some advice of what should I do at this point if she doesn’t want to be helped or seeing anybody?


Thanks in advance and looking forward to be part of this community. 🙏 


Re: My wife has bulimia since the last 16 years

@Gg325  Hi Gg325 and welcome to the forums. I am afraid my experience is everything but  bulimia ... I just wanted to say welcome and that I hope someone will be able to point you in the right direction. Will tag the @Moderator  in the hope they can help you.


If you want to talk with someone directly just put a @infront of their name and they will be notified of your message. Best of luck. greenpea 

Re: My wife has bulimia since the last 16 years

Hi @Gg325,


Like our wonderful member @greenpea mentioned - welcome to the forums! It takes a lot of strength to try something new like an online forum. We are really glad you are reaching out for help and support. So sorry to hear that your wife struggles with an eating disorder. It is really difficult seeing someone we love so much, be in pain. It sounds like you have tried all the right things in terms of trying to get to a pyschologist. Finding a pyschologist is tricky and can be much like finding a GP that you like - you have to find someone that you feel secure with and has techniques and approaches that suit the needs of the person. This can mean having some not great experiences to get through to find someone to suit. 


Would your wife be open to looking for a new therapist at all? Or maybe even starting by reconnecting with a GP? 


Another thought was what kind of supports do you have in place for yourself? It is really hard to want to help someone when they don't want the help, there is only so much we can do. So it is really important to be taking care of ourselves so we feel better equipped to support our loved ones through these times. 


There are some great and helpful services like The Butterfly Foundation who are a support service that specialise in eating disorders. You can check them out here or call their helpline on 1800 33 4673. There is also Carers Australia that have a great helpline that you can chat to about your situation on 1800 242 636. Those will just help with more one on one support at the moment but we are all here to keep supporting you through this time to so keep reaching out here. 


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