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New Contributor

New to Forums

Hi everyone,

I am new to forums, I have a daughter who is nearly 17 and recently diagnosed BPD after nearly 3 years of progressively worsening mental health. At times she is totally irrational and I am beside myself on what to do, self harming, suicidal attempts, drinking, pot and so much anger. When she is rational she is loving and the girl she used to be. It is absolutely exhausting worrying about her all of the time. I love her so much and wish life could go back to how it used to be. This is our norm these days and when she is good I am good and when she is bad I also struggle through the fear of what next. Am hoping to possibly get some tips and tricks on how to help us both. Luckily we have a great Doc and psychologist, however hearing from others going through this may give me some new tips to try and help us both get through this.



Re: New to Forums

Hi welcome to the forums, it sounds absolutely exhausting at times. Sometimes other members can take a while to respond so feel free to re post again either later or tomorrow.


take care

Re: New to Forums

Hi @SarahJane73,


Welcome to the forums, it's great that you have joined us here and that you have taken the courage to post and reach out.

You will find others here with similar experiences and will hopefully feel some lovely connectedness in that. While you await some replies - here are a few places you can check out ☺️

Carers hints and tips to success

This was a special Topic Tuesday event that we had that might be interesting to read through

BPDdaughter (you can post in other threads that may not be that active at the moment, others will get an alert and join in!)


Another good spot to find some people and get to know other carers is the Hot Chocolate thread, swing by with a hot cup of something delicious and introduce yourself there too. 

Re: New to Forums

feeling bad to hear all this, but every problem have solution, I think hypnotherapy works better to improve the mental health of your daughter, find hypnosis specialist in your area if you really want to cure your daughter

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