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New to the Forum....looking to connect.

Hi There.


I'm new and my 1st post needed to be rephrased so this will replace it.

I'm a constant battler against anxiety and depression. I do not believe life has enough happy moments in it.

I've made poor choices in my life and am paying the penalty.

I've never attained independence.


I have a scientific and analytical mind that prefers black and white problems that you can draw a line in the sand to. 

I have never known what career I should be in.

I'm now an older mature age student at university.

I have a constant battle with negative thoughts.


I haven't been ok or "happy" for many years and don't believe I ever will be.


I compare myself to the average, "normal" person and I want everyone to like me.

I'm only supposed to say 3 random things! Sorry.

I have a few issues but here is one problem I have battled with for most of my life that I hope will connect with someone....

I have a body dysmorphia issue with low self esteem and an inferiority complex....Pimples and acne on my face has run my life ever since I was a teenager. I used to think it would go away when I got older but it never did. However, I do know that my perception of myself and what others think is not correct but I have not been able to change my thought pattern. I would stay home, safe and secure on my own when I could, but, when work or social comittments came I would try to avoid people whereever possible. I would wear a hat and keep my face down. As a male I did not want to wear makeup. However the pain of having to go out into people land forced my hand and so I used my mother's makeup to cover up as best I could without looking like I had makeup on...incidently I still don't know how to choose the correct tone. For years my skin condition ran my life until I ran into a medication that was prescribed to me for neuropathic pain but I found it was an excellent anti-histamine and it seems to help my face significantly so that I have far less days of stress. It also has an effect on lactic acid build up in that if you went to the gym and worked out on naive muscle, the next day there was no aching pain. It also stopped my eczema. One other thing however....It is also what I used for other purposes. About a month after that and slow recovery I requested to go back on this medication for my facial break outs and continue taking it to this day. I never told the doctors why I wanted to take it. The important thing that I found is that on you-tube videos I saw many people with much worse acne than I ever had and my heart broke for them. It also made me realise that it could be worse...but it has not stopped my negative thinking. If your a women and you have acne is being able to cover up any consolation? What do people think when they see someone with bad skin? I only feel so sorry for people and wonder how they cope. 


Re: New to the Forum....looking to connect.

hello @lostandbroken  and welcome to the forum my friend

sending you lots of hug HeartHeart

I totally understand but maybe in a different way

i was emotionally and mentally abused when i was growing up until mum and i left but the rejection from my father until 2007

but i was also born with one eye smaller than the other one and the comments i have received all my life about my little eye

the average, "normal" person --- @lostandbroken , there is no average normal person in the world my friend

you are you xxx

what hobbies do you like ??

have you any fur babies xxx

what things do you enjoy doing

heer for you and letting you know you are not alone xx

Re: New to the Forum....looking to connect.

hi @lostandbroken and welcome to the forums. I apologise that your post hasn't been seen till now. I don't have the same experiences as you but wanted to welcome you in the meantime.

Please feel free to join in to any other thread that catches your eye and a forum tip is to put an @ before a members name and itll tag them so they receive a notification.

Can I ask if you have any supports in place such as a psychologist to help with the things bothering you?

Re: New to the Forum....looking to connect.

Thank you for the reply. I am grateful.


I am an animal lover but cats are my fave. Unfortunately I have no pets for the time being but I will never get over Bixie the ginger cat who adopted our family back when I was very young. 

I am a sport lover and undisciplined fitness wanna be. I play touch football and ten pin bowling.I like science and am studying in that field.


You sound like you have had a very difficult life and I hope you are making some progress.


Kind Regards,


Re: New to the Forum....looking to connect.

Hi @outlander. Thank you for the reply.


I do have some supports in place but there are times when I feel they just cannot help. I am currently in a difficult period and am trying to keep it together. Hopefully this forum can help in that respect.


Kind Regards,




Re: New to the Forum....looking to connect.

I forgot to use the @ in my reply. Sorry about that. I will make sure I do that from now on.

Re: New to the Forum....looking to connect.

hugs my @lostandbroken HeartHeart

Re: New to the Forum....looking to connect.

Thank you!

Re: New to the Forum....looking to connect.

keep in touch @lostandbroken , always makes a difference my friend

@outlander, @CheerBear , @Faith-and-Hope , @greenpea , @Gazza75 , @eth 

Re: New to the Forum....looking to connect.

Thank you for the support. I am grateful to all of you.


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