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Casual Contributor


Hi, new here.

Guess I'm just hoping to share and understand bipolar. I don't know anyone else living with it.

I love fishing, especially fresh water.

Love the bush.

Love my dog, she's a legend.

Senior Contributor

Re: New

@Bushman  Hey Bushman and welcome to the forums. I was firstly diagnosed with bipolar 1 and now schizoaffective disorder.  I used to love fishing as a kid. It is such a relaxing past time. I love the bush and above all I love the way you describe your dog as being 'a legend'Smiley Happy (brought a smile to my face).


There are some great threads that you might like to have a look at one of them is the good morning thread which really goes on all day. Another is the friday night feast which is a place where you can meet other formites and have a chin wag and just relax and have some fun Smiley Happy. There are many more particularly about bipolar.


Fyi if you want to talk to anyone in particular put a @ in front of their name and a notification will be sent to them that you have sent them a message.


Hope to see you around the forums. peax

Senior Contributor

Re: New

Hi @Bushman  Welcome to the forums. I have a ‘ legend ‘ also, worth her weight in gold.

I love the bush also, I love nature full stop, always manages to take my breath away.

Many others around the forums have wide experience with bipolar. Take a look around and join in where you feel comfortable.

Casual Contributor

Re: New

Thanks for your contact and advice

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