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I’m new to this forum. Last December my husband had his first psychotic paranoid episode. He thought I was the ring leader in a conspiracy to frame him. He violently attacked me. After calling the police he was hospitalised for over 2 months. Now he is stable. But he has admitted to numerous adultery. He collected knifes and guns which I now have locked away. We have two young children. He is stable but I am still scared. He has shown he can be violent and I don’t know if it could happen again. I would like to talk with others in similar situations. Xx


Re: Scared....

@Carer_wife  Hi Carer_wife and welcome to the forums I wish it was under better circumstances. I completely understand your feelings. My son2 was extremely violent 8 years ago now for a period of 5 years. It was terrifying and has left me with ptsd. Now with the right medications and a great psychiatrist and getting older he has calmed down and is very circumspect about what occured during that period of time.


Is your husband taking his medications? That is extremely important. Also a backup plan if things start going wrong. You must have a way to get to a safe place should things go bad again. Personally I do not like the idea of him having guns in the house locked up or not. It is strange that he is allowed guns when he has a mental illness normally that would not be allowed. Can you talk with him about getting rid of the guns for the sake of his family or would that trigger him? 


I am here if you want to talk most days. Again I am very sorry that you are dealing with this it is hell on Earth. greenpea xxx



Re: Scared....

Thank you for you kind words of support. The good thing is that my husband is stable, the problem is that now he feels better he thinks we all should be back to normal but we are all still on edge. I’m hoping over time the anxious feeling in my stomach will go. 

Re: Scared....

@Carer_wife  it will take time. What I have found is that while things are good I feel great, that I am over it then when my son2 has a not so good moment I go sliding into the abyss again.  It has taken me along time to get to where I am today .... don't be afraid to ask for help from professionals like psychologists if you feel the need. Take good care of yourself. greenpea xxx


Re: Scared....

Please take care!  You should not have to put up with being scared in your own home.  Contact Lifeline 13 11 14 for starters maybe?  (From the car on your own so not overheard).



Re: Scared....

How are you doing @Carer_wife? Have things been better at home since you last posted? Hope you're okay Heart

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