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Re: not feeling good

Hi @Lauz  yeah still happening. I’ve stsrted a new post.  


Re: not feeling good

I’ve stsrted a new post.--- where @BlueBay  xxxxxx

Re: not feeling good

In the forum/feedback @Shaz51 

Have a read - not sure if this is happening to you ?? Xx

Re: not feeling good

I hope everything goes well for you. I have that same feeling of having to punish myself for many years. It takes so much out of a person 

Re: not feeling good

Hi @confusedbpd @Shaz51 @Faith-and-Hope @Razzle @Sherry @Shaz51  and others following 

we’re home now from Bright. It was a beautiful place and the weather was amazing. 

We went out fir dinner on Friday our anniversary day. 

It was really nice. Lots of walking along the river. We went to a market yesterday and bumped into a family friend who lives near us. It was a shock to see him there. We ended up having coffee together. And we met his new partner. 

We drove to mount buffalo. Omg what a view. Amazing and breath taking. 

Overall a nice weekend. And can you believe I had the best two nights sleep. Not waking up during the night and even slept in until 8am 


Re: not feeling good

Beautiful news @BlueBay 💙💕

Re: not feeling good

@BlueBay bright is a beautiful place to go too

Re: not feeling good

beautiful my sister @BlueBay  HeartHeart

we just got home from holidays too xoxo


Re: not feeling good

@BlueBay  Your holiday sounded wonderful, so glad you had a nice time, and slept well.  You must feel like your batteries have been recharged ❤️❤️

Re: not feeling good

What an excellent weekend @BlueBay  - I'm so glad for you - you needed a break like this and you got some great sleep - fantastic


When you need a day off work then you need a day off work - there is no need to feel upset about feeling upset about it - I'm sorry I missed your post - I haven't been in for a few days - physical health reasons - I never feel bad about taking time for myself and I wish other people didn't because we all need time to ourselves


btw - that was excellent writing about the way you were feeling - it comes across clearly - and it must have been a horrible day - but great you had a good weekend and the weather was fantastic too


Not so today - my daughter and son in law did my garden on Friday and it needed watering over the weekend - so many potted plants have reseeded - and today the rain is welcome


Sending best thoughts today



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