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Re: rough time

thanks sis, it has been a very long time so today has been a good reprieve and i will take what i can get atm @Sans911

hugs @Sherry please be careful with your drinking. Being stuck in a deep hole is very hard, and i very much get that. Can you do something to help wind down a little bit? happy to chat here if it helps

hello @Shaz51 are you keeping safe where you are?

Re: rough time

yes all safe here my sister @outlander Heart

Re: rough time

so glad to hear that @Shaz51 have they been able to fodd and other supplies into you yet?

Re: rough time

yes finally @outlander , there was no milk and bread but hardly anything on the shelves except for vegan food Smiley Very Happy

but good now , lots of rubbish and ruined stuff around

Re: rough time

so glad to hear that @Shaz51
yes i can imagine how much ofqld is in ruins atm and alot of cleanup needed. hopefully no more rain so the water can run off and start to drain more

Re: rough time

@Sherry 💙
@Snowie 💗
@Sans911 💜

Re: rough time

Hi @outlander  ... I am just on my way to bed now, but thought I'd quickly stop by to see how you are.  You seem to have been fairly quiet today?  I was hoping you were having another good day such as yesterday.


I realise you will be seeing your Pop's GP tomorrow, so I wanted to wish you well with that.  I hope they are able to offer some solutions or caring alternatives which may suit both you and your Pop.  The current situation as it stands, does not seem to be working as well as it could for either of you.  Remember to take notes and ask questions.  No question is silly.


Perhaps tomorrow you may also hear back from the dental team about a likely timeframe for your dental procedure.  Hope so.


Thanks also be being around last night when I needed someone around.  You and @Shaz51  too.  Although I did not reply to you both on my thread, I very much appreciated you both being there.  And I do apologise for my stupidity. 


Okay .. bed time for me.  Sleep well little one.


Sherry 🤗💕

Re: rough time

Oops ... your post came through after I posted mine. Must have been thinking of each other at the same time. @outlander   


💜 to you too.



Re: rough time

Its ok you were having an off night, theres no need to apologise at all.
I only get one good day at a time unfortunately but its not as bad as its been just a few things catching up with me. Yes hopefully the dr is helpful and thst ill hear back from the hospital too.

Goodnight lovely and thank you. I know youve got a pretty big week ahead to though not to sure on what your plans are for tomorrow either way i hope everything goes as well as it can 💙

Re: rough time

thinking of you all @Sherry @Former-Member @Sans911 @Snowie @Appleblossom @Shaz51
hoping the day hasnt been to hard on you all Heart

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