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Re: rough time

Hi @outlander .  How did the appointment with your Pop's GP go today?  I hope it gave you a better idea of what is possible and what options may suit.


Busy day for me.  Dentist appointment for hubby this morning. They were late of course and waited close to an hour to get in.  Then it turns out they need to do some work on a tooth which is deteriorating under the crown.  So another hour long apt made for 4 weeks time to repair and another a week later to do something else that needs doing.  Took ages.


I came home and had a splitting headache, so took a couple of headache tabs and had a lie down while hubby slept after lunch.  Still didnt let up, so I didnt go to my usual Monday afternoon pilates class today.  I feel bad for not going.  But I just couldnt do it.  I have been feeling very dizzy as well, so it may have been a little dangerous to have gone. I think the blood pressure is dropping with the meds I started last week. It usually does.


So tomorrow hubby needs blood tests done.  Wednesday its up to the hospital for a series of CT scans. Thursday its to the exercise physiologist to try to keep him moving and help with balance, essential for his Parkinsons.  Next week its off to the Oncologist to review his blood tests and CT scans.  He saw his podiatrist on Saturday to treat an ingrown toenail which had become infected.  So if its not one thing, then its another.


No doubt you have something similar for your Pop?  


I am yet to hear from my psychologist about what response she has had from her letter to my GP for some stronger sedation for Fridays appointment at the hospital.  So I still dont know whats happening.  I'm finding it hard waiting and not knowing.  I'm typically a very organised person and like to know whats happening and what I need to do beforehand.  I'm guessing my GP is reluctant to provide the sedation my psych considers is needed.  She did tell me that if he refused, she would go elsewhere.  But I didnt agree to that.


I'm really tired so am about to head off to bed shortly.  Are you okay sweetie?


Sherry Heart

Re: rough time

Evening lil Sis @outlander. How did the GP appt go?

Re: rough time

Calling out to you @outlander 


aesop1.jpgand you have a lot of kindness

I could not resist the rocks .... thats me biggest weakness ...Smiley LOL

Re: rough time

Good morning @outlander .  Just checking in because I'm a little concerned about you, but nor do I want to put pressure on you to respond.  So ... letting you know I am thinking of you.


Sherry 🌸🤗💕


Image result for thinking of you my friend


Image result for thinking of you

Re: rough time


Re: rough time

Thank you @Sherry @Sans911 @Appleblossom

Will post an update and respond better soon just feeling a little overwhelmed with everything

Hi @Hamsolo01 @Shaz51 @Snowie and all

Re: rough time

Take care of yourself @outlander
You deserve it

Re: rough time

hi @Sherry
yesterday sounded like a long and busy day for you too.
it sounded like you needed some more rest rather than going to pilates. One missed day here and there wont affect much esp if your getting dizzy spells. better to be safe than sorry.

yes it very much is one thing after another! can feel very full on cant it.

i hope you hear back from your psych soon, friday isnt to far away which im guessing for you is a bit of mix of hurry up and get it over with and i want nothing more than to run from that appointment....

Re: rough time

sorry i was getting through posts and then had to do other things.. again...

evening @Sans911 how are you going? hows your day been?

@Appleblossom love the pic, looks very pretty.

Re: rough time

Its been quite a few busy days so theres much to write... 


Pops gp appointment was cancelled and made for today but my nurse appointment went ahead. We covered quite a lot and I opened up about a few things which she is concerned about and has pointed out that is very out of character so wants to keep an eye on that. And spoke of a few usual things and has made me a double appointment to speak to my gp about my medications, other refferrals and renewals of the care plan for friday.

I had had a call from the hospital and ended up speaking to the NUM for around half hr talking about the procedure, a date that is confirmed (providing the hospital itself doesnt cancel as my oral surgeon just works within the hospital and not a designated section etc) and that is in november. She was quite understanding and accomodating towards needing a date and letting me know of a few close areas and also offerred the hospital hostel but have said no as theres quite a nice hotel with water views nearby so I think that would be nicer. Staring to feel very real with that now.


Today- Spoke with the gp and he has given me some ideas on where to proceed and what he will do at the next appointment which ive made and was given a pathology thing for pop to do beforehand so tomorrow morning and then he speaks to him on monday about the results. Im very worried about the downfall after that session. If I go to the appointment on monday with him I think itll upset him more where as the dr can make it look less obvious and more routine if im not there. But ill see what happens and Ill find out what pop is comfortable with on the day.

Also spent around 4 hrs on the phone today shuffling my appointments around and making new ones for both myself and pop too so ive just added in 2 extra appointments this week for me and another one for pop next week so its getting quite busy this week.

It was hot today and I was up and out of the house doing the horses between 6 and 8 before going to the drs and doing the phone calls etc.

tomorrow ive got physio, windscreen fitting for a smashed window, and grocery shopping, thursday ive finally been brave enough to make an appointment to go see the exercise physiologist and then friday ive got the long gp appointment who is also thinking about refferring me to another psychiatrist again to get a review on meds. I was honest with her and said I didnt like the current psych I had and I didnt want to go back to her.

In between that is the stuff with the kids, some busy times with the horses and horse events on the weekend and weekends coming up, pops stuff, and also some very strong emotions with overwhelm, guilt, uncertainty, and pressurised which I thinking might lead to another argument with mum if I open my mouth about something bothering me.

So I guess that was abit of rave!



@Sans911 @Appleblossom @Sherry @Shaz51 @Snowie @CheerBear @eth  and everyone, sorry ive probabaly missed others 

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