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Re: rough time

thanks @Sherry @Sans911 Heart

My soul and heart already feel like they are being destroyed. it doesnt feel like theres much left except a hole. i know you guys know what that deep sinking sort of hurt and sadness feels like and very little helps it, it seems constant lately.

theres so much happening, the worries, the physical pains or ailments, it doesnt seem to stop. Life scares me. alot.

Re: rough time

my mother is making things harder and harder. i dont do lies well. its like digging yourself into a deeper hole and thats exactly whats happening as we speak. its no wonder people have bad opinions on our family. its making me feel sick. ive tried pulling her up on it. no one listens

i so badly want to run and hide away.  

Re: rough time

Hugs lil Sis @outlander. I know it won't be easy, but try to slow down your thoughts and fears. Slow down your breathing before you have a panic attack.

I'm sorry your mother continues to make life difficult for you. I wish it wasn't that way for you. You can only change the way you react to your mother, you can't change her reaction or words. That's super tough to be around. Try not to react in anger or fear. You will be the better person in time. It will be difficult for you be this way, but I have faith in you.

Hugs and hugs ❤️ 💜

Re: rough time

Re: rough time

Hiya @Snowie. How is your Friday?

Re: rough time

Just got home @Sans911 . Had a funeral to go to today.

How are you going?

Re: rough time

Yes that's right. I forgot. Not a nice thing to have to go to.

Quiet day for me at home. I've done a bit of study this afternoon, and I'm just about to have a shower and go to my therapist appt. Then I have a volunteer games night tonight.

I'm still feeling really low. And I've almost lost all motivation for my studies. I feel really stuck right now, still wanting to give up. I deliberately missed my pdoc appt this week.

Re: rough time

I am glad you have your therapist appt. @Sans911 

It is good that you are still connecting here, I know how much of a struggle that has been in the past.

Hugs n hugs for you hun, it is so hard when we feel down and cannot see a way out. You are in my thoughts.


Re: rough time

Re: rough time

Hi @outlander  .. Are you feeling a little less overwhelmed this evening?

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