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Re: rough time

Some things don’t settle until there is or a degree of peace of mind @outlander, and stress and anxiety can make things worse than they are, or seem worse than they are.  


A second-opinion doctor or specialist will only re-order  tests if they find need to do so.  It’s more about how they read current test results, and together with speaking to you, assessing how you are in the consult room, form their own opinion from their training and experience.


Its worth it if it is likely to give you more peace of mind.


Sorry this is a fly-by visit ..... back later .....


👋💕 @Sans911 


Re: rough time

thank you @Faith-and-Hope
theres suppose to be another good gp in my area so might contact her and see if i can get an appointment and see what she says.

Re: rough time

ive booked in to see another gp for tomorrow arvo to get some clarity on my ecg results. Even if they say its just anxiety related, im hoping they will answer my questions that i had which will help with my anxiety as well.

Re: rough time

Good luck with your appointment tommorow lil Sis @outlander 💜 💜 💜

Re: rough time

Thanks sis 💜💜

How are you going?


Re: rough time

I'm not too bad hun. I've just been for an interview for a LE position.

Cold and wet here today so I'm back in bed watching Netflix. Might attempt some uni work later.

@outlander 💜 💜

Re: rough time

An LE experience? Is that for mh or something  else? @Sans911 

Glad your ok today

 Its actually quite hot here today but would  love abit of rain again. 


Ive just got to get kids go pickup mums  car drop  one kid off somewhere  else then will  come back 




Re: rough time

For gods sake. I have to cancel the appointment  now because ive got to get the kids and i dont think ill be back in time

Re: rough time

It's for a mh position in a large organisation, but it volunteer only.


Re: rough time

I knew @Sans911 would be able to help last night @outlander. It’s good that you are being proactive and following up about it. 

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