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Re: rough time

sorry NUM= nursing unit manager

Re: rough time

Wow lil Sis @outlander

Lots and lots going on for you, but by the looks of it, you handled it all very well maintaining your dignity and values. Some good things too that will come out of your appointments and phone calls. You have been incredibly brave and vulnerable, not easy to do at anytime.

That's a long wait for your dental surgery, but that's the public health system isn't it?

Sounds like the nurse you saw was on the ball, and has been helpful in sorting some things out for you.

Big squishy hugs my angel. I understand you're overwhelmed with emotions but you still managed to do a whole heap of phone calls (which you don't like) and have been busy sorting out appoints, etc. You've done incredibly well

Re: rough time

Thanks sis
Its been and will continue to be abit crazy for a little while until things get sorted again. I wasnt feeling very brave thats for sure but at least some things were done... (eek yes not a fan of phone calls and i made 6 this arvo)

It is quite a long wait but its better then next yr. She bumped me up the list and was quite considerate of the organising i need to do in order for me to have the surgury like having pop taken care of etc. So that was good. When it gets closer to november ill get a call from both my oral surgeon and also the hospital itself to go through their things as well as preadmission a day before the surgury which im glad she told me as it means another night up that way due to their ore admissions usually taking place between 7 and 11.
So much info that ia for sure!

How are you going sis? Ive been missing you lots @Sans911

Re: rough time

I miss you too lil Sis but I'm just feeling pretty lost right now. This whole move has been a bigger upheaval then I expected. I've barely begun to unpack because I don't have anywhere to our things as stuff is already there. So it means lots of shuffling around to fit things and make it work. Right now I'm so not in the mood for it, but the longer I leave it, the more it irritates me.

Re: rough time

Hugs and hugs sis
Moving is annoying esp when you dont know where to start or where on earth to put things.
Maybe focus on one room at a time for now?
You can come sit with me for a while if you like. Take your mind off unpacking for a while... @Sans911

Hoping @Snowie is ok as well, am missing her too.

Re: rough time

@Sherry 👋 💗

Re: rough time

You've done really well over the past couple of days @outlander . Very impressive to have accomplished as much as you have.


Sorry you need to wait so long for your dental op, but at least you now have a date to work towards and plan for.


On the whole, your update contained a lot of positives.


Happy for you. 👍💕



Re: rough time

Thanks @Sherry 💕

How are you going tonight?

Re: rough time

Not good, in fact I've been freaking out a little @outlander 

Re: rough time

Is it about friday? Or something else @Sherry

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