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Re: rough time

Sleep was disturbed by terrible nightmares @Snowie 

You know how exhausting it is. 

Been a really difficult day, with some really traumatic news this afternoon. 

I read that you are going into hospital. 

Thinking of you and really hoping they can find a medication to help you. 

I understand how hard life can be and how frustrating it is not to go forward as quick as we’d like to. 💜🌷


Lets hope we get a decent sleep tonight @outlander 

Thinking of you and guessing it’s a really difficult day for you. 💖🌸

Re: rough time

Re: rough time

Hey @outlander Stopping by to see how you are as I know your usual supports are not here right now.

Re: rough time

Thanks for checking in @Zoe7
Not doing so great my end

Re: rough time

I am going to be around for a little while @outlander so happy to hear all about it Hon Heart

Re: rough time

thanks @Zoe7
im not sure its a good idea though. im abit sick of myself and being a dissapointment to others. i dont really want to be that person here too.

Re: rough time

Maybe we can make up our own minds on that one @outlander Heart - seems like there is stuff you need to talk about you just need to find a way to find the words. It is up to you but we are here with you and I think you know that Hon - just finding it hard tonight to find enough self-confidence within yourself to connect with us.

Re: rough time

Thought this might give you a little smile @outlander - it's pretty cute 🐎

Image result for horse flower arrangements

Re: rough time

Thank you @Zoe7 that is pretty cute and did give me a smile- how could it not.
Last night and some things today have really gotten to me and set alot of my emotions and thoughts off. Abit like a washing machine.
Finding more words is tough, even trying to connect here feels hard Smiley Sad

Re: rough time

What can you do tonight to distract yourself from your thoughts @outlander ? Happy to listen as well if you can find the words.

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