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Re: rough time

hi @Sherry
yes that news is fast travelling in the horse community. thankfully i dont know the owners horse or nearby that area. im actually over 5 hrs away from where the horse was diagnosed.

pops been ok, still having quite a few moments but not as much or as bad as what they were. nights are still a challlange. i have had to learn to balance out what his concerns are and what he is trying to gain extra attention for. im not sure if that makes sense. when hes around others and they let him rave on and on the worse he gets and it lasts ages where as if i listen, repeat the same damn thing ive been saying the past 2 weeks and then give him something to do he goes back to his 'normal'
yeah bills are paid. barely anything left to survive on but things need to be paid i sppose. i didnt get around to making any appointments. ive been pretty busy and/or just cant be bothered/tired to ring up etc but will try to do those tomorrow. only one is all that important for pop the rest can wait for now..

im not really that great. few things on my mind. really blah

Re: rough time

Morning everyone here 👋

This is a bit of a random one but a little while ago you asked whether I had caught up with a show we both love @outlander. I've been so peeved because Google have been releasing the newest season's episodes so slowly and sporadically that it's doing my head in. I buy one episode at a time usually because the whole season is too much $ all in one hit. We got up to episode 6 and it made me purchase the rest of the season, even though there were no new episodes out, which I did begrudgingly. A couple of weeks later without new episodes and episodes 9 and 10 were released, completely skipping episodes 7 and 8! That was my tipping point 😡 I ended up finding a phone line for tech problems with the Play Store and spent about half an hour on an international call (they call you back) trying to chase up the missing episodes arguing it wasn't a complete season without them and questioning how they could skip a couple in the middle of a season. The person I was speaking with had a laugh about how much I must love Grey's Anatomy to own 14 seasons and be calling the tech line about 2 episodes, to which I replied "you have no idea how serious this is". He had no idea and I had a giggle to myself thinking 'well outlander would know how serious this is' 😆

Long story short, I got a refund on the season and caught up through 7plus last night.

Have you kept up with it? I think it's one of my favourite seasons so far!

❤ to all for the day ahead.

Re: rough time

of course its serious! @CheerBear deadly serious!

ive only really watched 4 episodes but im not sure they are in order. i missed a week or 2 on the regular tv channels but from what ive seen its really good.

Re: rough time

@Sans911  i wondered if you knew of any essential  oils that are good for like muscle aches? 

Re: rough time

Evening to yous @Sans911 @outlander
Hope it's not too cold where you are

Re: rough time

Rosemary oil, lavender oil that I can think of. I'm not at home atm, so I'll look up my 'oil bible' when I get home shortly. Hugs


Re: rough time

Eucalyptus & Roman Chamomile might also help @outlander. Not sure if you've gone to bed but if you have Goodnight lil Sis 💕 💕 💕 💕 💕 💕 💕 💕

Re: rough time

hi @Hamsolo01
cold here about 6 degrees, even colder in my house atm
hope its not to cold for you

Re: rough time

thank you @Sans911 ive got some lavender oil but not the others. my chemist stocks them though so i can get some of them.

i was asleep not to long after i wrote that post but up ever hr. but overall it was alot of sleep. im struggling abit more then abit so i guess its probably not such a bad thing...

How are you going?

Re: rough time

It got down to about 8 overnight @outlander
Was pretty cold. Flano sheets soon I hope.

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